Want to Drop 10 Lbs in One Week? Do This and Start Losing Weight!

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Want to Drop 10 Lbs in One Week? Do This and Start Losing Weight!
By Sean Frye

Dropping a lot of weight such as 10 pounds in 1 week is usually frowned upon by a lot of fitness and nutrition experts. It is definitely possible, but should only be done if you are trying to look good for upcoming event or outing.

If you are going to drop 10 lbs in a really short period of time, you need to understand that a good percentage of this will be water weight lost. This water weight will come back, but you will have been able to fit into that dress or swimsuit or whatever it was that you were needing to lose 10 pounds for.

Best Way to Drop 10 lbs

The best way to drop 10 lbs in a single week is by using a colon cleanse or detoxification type diet. These types of diets usually have you fasting for a certain amount of days and only drinking some type of juice or lemonade. One diet, called the Master Cleanse Secrets will give you tips on what foods you could eat while on the fast without affecting the cleansing effect or the weight loss generated from the diet. Cleansing type diets will help you detox and cleanse your body all the while creating the weight loss you desired in a very short period of time. So, losing 10 pounds is definitely possible in a single week.

Cleansing Diets Not For You?

If cleansing diets are not for you, then eating healthier and dropping sodas and coffee altogether from your everyday diet will certainly get you to start losing weight. This weight loss is generally a lot slower, but it is possible to get to your weight loss goal this way. Also eating four or five times per day as opposed to only eating two or three times per day will also help you lose weight fast. By eating more often, you end up eating less calories per meal. After every meal is also when your body's metabolism kicks in and start burning calories. By eating smaller portions more often, your metabolism will be constantly burning calories which in turn creates the weight loss.

To Learn More About How You Can Start Losing 10 Pounds This Week, visit: Drop 10 Pounds with Master Cleanse.

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