Omnilux new-U LED Light Techonology to treat wrinkles

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Omnilux new-U LED Light Techonology to treat wrinkles

  • Dermatologists all over the world have been using Professional Omnilux products for more than 2 years to successfully treat wrinkles and the effects of aging. Omnilux new-U uses the same LED technology but in a small and convenient home use package

Omnilux new-U is a handheld, Light Emitting Diode (LED) device for the treatment of the effects of aging; in particular, periorbital wrinkles amd crows feet. Its patented technology bathes the skin in red and near infrared light.
Optimum results will be seen between 4-8 weeks after treatment.

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List Price: $ 176.95

Price: $ 149.00

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3 Responses to “Omnilux new-U LED Light Techonology to treat wrinkles”
  1. Ellen F. says:

    This is the first review that I have written, I am a big beauty product junkie so it must be good :0) ….I love this thing!!!! I have only been using the Omnilux for a couple of weeks now but I see the changes already…the small wrinkles around my eyes are fading, my pores are smaller, my skin is smoother and firmer – I use it more than the recommended dosage but that is what is good about the LED light therapy – you can’t over do it. I treat myself most days (20 minutes with the red light and 20 minutes with the infared – They say to use it for 20 minutes twice a week alternating with the red and infared). I had been getting the treatments with my facialist but after alot of research decided to purchase the Omnilux for my own home usage. They also have a “spa” version that the professionals use and figured they knew what they were doing with the at home version. It is also alot cheaper than some of the other brands that are available. For those of you on the fence I say just do it…you won’t be disappointed, you just have to be patient to see/get the results you want (they say it takes 8 weeks to notice results). But the wait is well worth it!!!
    Ellen F.
    Omnilux new-U LED Light Techonology to treat wrinkles

  2. NYHK says:

    Just as the first reviewer remarked, I too am leaving my first review online. But, in contrast–it is for the purpose of warning other consumers. I purchased this Omnilux new-U product (from a different reseller so this review in no way implicates Procyte or any reseller for that matter) in June. I faithfully followed the instructions of holding it on my periorbital wrinkles for 20 minutes two times a week for four weeks. I can say without hesitation, that it not only did absolutely nothing to improve the wrinkles, but rather it caused significant further wrinkling, crepiness, and damage to the delicate under-eye skin. What were noticeable lines are now deep creases, with additional almost vertical lines. I so regret experimenting with this product 4 months before my wedding, but I did and I am desperately attempting to eradicate the damage…thus far, unsuccessfully. To make matters worse, I twice contacted the Omnilux manufacturer (Photo Therapeutics) and received no reply. For the manufacturer to completely disregard a consumer complaint is reckless. Regardless, the lack of remediation is not the troublesome part to me. It was money wasted. But much more important-to me- is the fact that this product has aged my skin significantly and caused permanent damage. I write this review in the hopes that others will be careful before using something on such delicate skin that clearly has not been adequately tested or vetted.
    Omnilux new-U LED Light Techonology to treat wrinkles

  3. E. Taylor says:

    I have been using this device for three weeks, and the lines around my mouth and eyes are showing improvement. It does take some time to use, but I think it may be worth it. The red light gets fairly hot, but not unbearable. If this works, it will save me hundreds of dollars at the dermatologist.
    E. Taylor
    Omnilux new-U LED Light Techonology to treat wrinkles

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