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  • IMPORTANT MESSAGE: To get results with this product it must be used according to Dan's Regimen found at
  • Gel based so it goes on clear and spreads easily
  • Pharmaceutical grade benzoyl peroxide
  • pH balanced
  • Fragrance free, and dye free

Hi everybody, I'm Dan. 12 years ago I started Acne .org to share a regimen that I discovered with the world. Acne .org is a community-based web site with message boards and a huge supportive community. I do not advertise and there is no cost to the user. Acne .org is completely self-supported by the selling of our products, which I make sure are the very highest quality and at affordable prices. But you do not have to order my products to use the site or to follow the regimen. I teach you how to use simple products you can get at your local drugstore as well.

I suffered for years with acne and tried everything. Like many of you have probably experienced as well, nothing worked. So I went to work researching everything I possibly could abou

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Price: $ 36.83

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6 Responses to “ 16 oz. Treatment”
  1. All- Access Customer says:

    This is amazing for treating acne, and it works beautifully. It’s a little on the expensive side, but this is for 2 months. For me it last for 4 months, because my face is small!!! I can’t speak enough about how great this product is, and how much it will help with your acne if you use it twice daily. Just be sure to use a moisturizer though with it, because benzoyl peroxide can be drying. Also add Dan’s jojoba oil to the moisturizer, and your skin will be gorgeous!!!

    P.S. this product can bleach fabrics like all benzoyl peroxide does, but just be sure to let it dry on your face (15-20) minutes and you won’t have the problem.

    All- Access Customer 16 oz. Treatment

  2. Alisha Smith says:

    I’ve had pretty moderate to bad acne from elementary school & into adulthood. I’ve tried everything from all of the over the counter brand name face treatments, systems like proactiv, murad, skin simple etc, perscription face creams, specific birth controls, you name it! This is the first thing to give me clear skin, ever! You really do have to follow his treatment method pretty much exactly though, and it makes sense. After a few months of using the product I was able to cut back to using the treatment once a day. It’s been almost one year since I started using this 16oz bottle and theres still a lot left over! What an awesome value.
    Alisha Smith 16 oz. Treatment

  3. Heartsinohio says:

    I started purchasing these products for my son about a year ago. He had been to doctors and tried various products. The medications upset his stomach and did not work. When he started with Daniel Kern’s products….his face and back cleared up and now look perfect. It made an amazing outcome for my son. I highly recommend these to anyone in need. The shipping costs are a little high…but they stay the same not matter how much you order, so I always stock up. This truly has been a great product for my son and I hope you find similar results
    Heartsinohio 16 oz. Treatment

  4. Amazonian says:

    I’ll start off saying that i had mild acne mostly around my chin and jaw. I’ve been using this product for about 2 months and it has helped but it has not had the dramatic effect i read about on the website. However, it is WORLDS better than the on the spot treatment that is sold by Neutrogena.

    A word to perspective customers- this is by far the best over the counter treatment i have found. However, i wouldn’t expect it to change your life. The first few times you use it you may experience redness and discomfort…this goes away after a while.

    Also, be careful around the sides of your eyes (where crows feet form), in between your eyebrows, and your lips. These spots are extremely sensitive and will dry out (painfully) very quickly.
    Amazonian 16 oz. Treatment

  5. R. Hubbard says:

    I have been buying BP treatment from Dan’s website off and off for 5 years now. I keep coming back to it because of two simple reasons: it works, and it’s the best price!

    Also, this lasts me WAY more than 2 months. More like a year. I only apply at night – my skin just can’t take the extra dryness from a twice daily application. And some days I give it a rest (I have mild to moderate acne and very dry skin), I’d say on average I use it 5 nights a week.

    I was paying about $7 a tube for the tiny Neutrogena’s… this is a much better value, and a better formulation to boot. Goes on VERY smoothly. I highly recommend it to anyone with acne!
    R. Hubbard 16 oz. Treatment

  6. i used jojoba oil on my oily acneic face and it is good for unblocking blackheads*,”

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