Derma Wand Kit Reviews

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Derma Wand Kit

  • Minimize Wrinkles
  • Very inexpensive
  • Tone saggy skin
  • Reduce pore size

DermaWand is a condensed version of the exact same technology found in large commercial high frequency machines used by skin care specialists all over the world for 40 years. Why? Because it works! The DermaWand stimulates and rejuvenates by sending out a gentle stream of low level micro-current impulses up to 168,000 cycles per second, imitating hundreds of tiny fingers that massage your skin - and massage helps improve circulation bringing oxygen and vital nutrients to your skin s surface. The gentle micro current also has a thermal effect on the skin s surface, helping the skin look more toned and tight, smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus DermaWand oxygenates by giving off enriched oxygen that cleanses and puri

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List Price: $ 120.00

Price: $ 74.85

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5 Responses to “Derma Wand Kit Reviews”
  1. A. Bailey says:

    I am an esthetician and continually get questions about the quality of this item, so I decided to buy it to see how it worked exactly. We do a procedure called high frequency in our spa, derma wand is a high frequency machine. High frequency is done with electrodes; electrodes have a gas (such as neon) vacuum sealed in the glass electrode. We use this procedure to help products (like serums, antioxidants) get absorbed into the skin, to help stimulate collagen production, and increase elasticity and tone in the skin. Dermawand is a high frequency electrode, the gas does release a smell and this is normal, it works just them same as the spa machines. The machine appears to run at the same levels of intensity as the spa machines. Same feel, smell, sound, and results. As with all the procedures like high frequency, galvanic, or light therapy the results are temporary. But, one dermawand costs as much as one facial with high frequency electrode added to it. And you can use dermawand as often as needed to achieve and maintain the results desired. If you want to know how it will feel, smell and work look up a local spa in your area that offers high frequency and go get a procedure done with the electrode. The dermawand is definetly a good buy. You will achieve even better results with higher (pharmaseutical grade) serum, check with your dermatologist or an esthetician who has been working with your skin to see which serum would be best for you.
    A. Bailey
    Derma Wand Kit

  2. Z. Cheema says:

    This wand works great–does what it says. Reduces wrinkles and smooths the skin. Works great on blemishes as well. But dont use it on the highest setting if your prone to marks. Other than that it make skin look much better.
    Z. Cheema
    Derma Wand Kit

  3. Colleen Floyd says:

    I decided to give the Derma Wand a try after reading good reviews by other customers. I had no idea how good it was, however, until I tried it. This is a fantastic product that already has made major changes in my skin after only about a month of use. Fine lines have disappeared, and the texture and tone are greatly improved. My jawline also appears a bit lifted, although one should not expect similar results to a facelift. That would not be realistic. All in all, well worth the cost.
    Colleen Floyd
    Derma Wand Kit

  4. M. Kosmicki says:

    Within 1 week I noticed a HUGE improvemnet in my skin texture on my face and ESPCIALLY my neck..I use it 2 times a day ..once in the am and once before I go to bed.. 5 mins is all it takes..I cant wait to see the differance in a month…
    M. Kosmicki
    Derma Wand Kit

  5. D. M. Kimura says:

    I have been using this for over 9 months and I am very happy with the results. The fine lines around the lower eye are almost gone and overall, my skin is tighter around the chin and face.

    I have been using it for 5 to 8 minutes every night, and have not been relifious about it, but ther has been a definite tightening of the skin.

    If you have the time, it works on your upper arms too, I jsut wish it came with a larger size.

    D. M. Kimura
    Derma Wand Kit

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