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Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device

Start feeling better now. "After a week with the goLITE, my wife happily announced that her 'summer husband' had returned." "I feel great: more energy, more positive and optimistic, more like the person I am in the summer." We couldn't have said it better. These are real quotes from real people who improved their moods and beat the winter blues using light. And you can too. Light is nature's stimulant. The upbeat feeling you get on a bright sunny day is no accident-it's the result of light triggering our bodies to release "active" hormones, and we feel great. Winter can be a challenge for many because the shorter days and longer nights leave us simply "light-deprived". Without the normal light stimulation, we often feel down, lethargic or sad. Light therapy provides a natural boost that helps you feel better, increases energy and even helps you sleep. Using the right wavelength of light, you can trigger your active hormones naturally, boosting your mood and overcoming those down feelings, whatever the season. Blue light is the key. Researchers have learned that receptors in our eyes convert the blue light from the summer sky into the chemicals our bodies need to be active and energetic. We don't get this light in the winter, and indoor light doesn't replace this color, which is why our mood, energy and sleep patterns suffer. Twice as effective. The goLITE is the newest breakthrough in light therapy that provides just the blue light our bodies need (we call it BLUEWAVE technology). Studies have shown that low-intensity blue light (470 nm, like that from the goLITE) is twice as effective at managing our body clocks compared to other sources of light. As little as 15 Minutes per

  • Portable, rechargeable blue therapy light with Bluewave.
  • Sleek new compact design
  • New diffusion optics for softer, even light
  • Wider treatment field gives you more flexibility
  • Fully programmable, adjustable intensity

Rating: (out of 114 reviews)

List Price: $ 199.99
Price: $ 115.00

Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device Reviews

Review by Charles Evans:

Watch Video Here: Many people feel a little less energetic in the winter, while others get the winter blues. It has been shown that the decrease in natural sunlight may be the culprit in this seasonal change on our bodies. In fact, it has a name - Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD).

The Philips goLITE BLU light is designed to help sufferers of SAD by mimicking the effect that the sun has on your body.

A few pointers - tips about the light (Many were not included in my video)-

- It uses all LEDs therefore it is very unlikely that any of the "bulbs" will burn out.

- LEDs generate much less heat than other forms of light, so there is a very low risk of fire.

- You must (on occasion) look into the light. The effect of the light works through your EYES and not your skin, therefore you must glance directly into the light (about once a minute for me).

- The unit MUST be charged for 8 eight hour prior to the initial use.

- There is no access into the unit - meaning there are no screws or bolts that can be used to access the light, batteries...etc.

- Surprisingly small - probably measures 8"x8"x1" and weighs less than 2lbs.

- Has a built in alarm feature.

- Do not use two hours before you go to bed, since your hormonal response to the light may keep you from sleeping.

- Built in timer lets you preset how long you want the light to operate (up to 1 hour)

Final verdict - the Philips goLITE BLU is well designed and has loads of built in functionality. While it is not it not inexpensive it may very well hold the key to helping you feel more energetic in the winter months.

5 stars.

Review by S. Wilder:

I have been using the go lite blue for about a month now, and am completely convinced of its effectiveness in helping me fight the winter blues. I am a native of Southern California and now live in Massachusetts. Every winter I seem to lose my energy as soon as the seasons change and the weather gets colder and darker. I did a lot of research on the subject of seasonal affective disorder and found that many of my symptoms matched. I bought the go lite blue began using it every morning for 15-30 minutes while I read the newspaper. Since I started I have been sleeping more soundly, felt more energetic during the day and found myself not dreading getting up in the morning and facing the cold, dark winter new england climate. It has really had a significant positive impact on my daily routine. I would recommend this to anyone who has difficulty dealing with the dark winter months. I hope this helps, it is definitely working for me.

Buy Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device now for only $ 115.00!

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp

Advanced reflectors High Density Negative Ionization Effective bandwidth: 60% Clinically demonstrated. EMF protected UL, CUL, CE Safety listed No harmful UV. 30 day money back guarantee 2 year warranty Top selling effective dual treatment! Because the Sun Touch Plus combines SkyEffect Technology and Ion Technology , it provides powerful results using a lower level of 10, 000 LUX light making the treatment easier on the eyes and more enjoyable to use. The Sun Touch Plus produces 17000 Kelvin which makes it the highest rated Kelvin light therapy device on the market and the closest to actual blue sky. Small Size, the small size of the light box (smaller than many desk lamps) makes it easy to move or travel. The Sun Touch Plus also comes with a built in timer to help you control the length of your session. Sun Touch Plus automatically shuts off when your session is complete making sure you do not overuse your light. High density ion technology- Regular ionizers found on the market today are not made to treat winter blues or circadian rhythm disorders; they simply lack the technology to create the high-density result needed. NatureBright’s Ion Technology was made to create an effective, therapeutic level of high density ions. NatureBright incorporates the latest in ion and needle point repulsion technology so you get the benefit you need and have no messy filters or rods to clean. Experience the powerful healing combination of 10,000-lux light therapy and negative ion therapy with this safe, soothing, and measurably effective light therapy system. The Sun Touch Plus Lamp and Ionizer bathes you in Sky Effect light while simultaneously releasing healthy negative ions into the atmosphere. Lift your spirits with this combination that balances your body clock, leaving you feeling rested, refreshed, and nourished all over.

  • System includes 10,000-lux light therapy and negative ion therapy
  • Balances your body clock, leaving you feeling rested, refreshed, and nourished all over
  • Can alleviate the nagging symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Clinical studies show that ion therapy provides an automatic antidepressant effect within a few days of use

Rating: (out of 146 reviews)

List Price: $ 159.99
Price: $ 99.00

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp Reviews

Review by Sara Lane:

I have gotten down in the dumps around November every year. This year it got bad enough that I finally decided to buy a light box. What can I say, it works! I use it in the morning for 30 minutes while I check emails. If I have time I use it in the evening when I get home from work for another 30 minutes. The only cons I can think of is that the ionizer thing smells bad. Sort of a strong plastic smell. I have been using the light box for around a month. I feel very good. I am not down in the dumps at all. I highly recommend this if you have seasonal effective disorder like I do. I would have bought this years ago had I known it would actually work.

Review by Vonner2:

I researched a lot of these units and couldn't justify the expense, or how big and ugly they were. This unit is a great value, nice size, good appearance, quiet, has an automatic timer in 15 min increments then turns itself off. I almost didn't buy it because of the ion/ozone feature, but it has a separate on/off button so I just don't use it...though it does come in handy cleaning the air in my kitchen of cooking odors. Anyway, I love it. Winter in Wisconsin seems to last forever, and this winter I have my own little piece of sunshine!

Buy NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp now for only $ 99.00!

Uplift Technologies DL930 Day-Light 10,000 Lux SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Lamp

Day-Lights are specially designed bright light therapy lamps recommended by doctors as the first line treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or the winter blues. Used in clinical research for over 10 years, Day-Lights conform to all standards set by light therapy experts – they provide the recommended 10,000 lux light dosage; the light source is delivered at an angle that mimics outdoor light; and they are 100% UV-filtered for safety. 20-30 minutes each morning is all it takes to significantly improve energy levels and regulate sleep patterns. The compact Day-Light casing can be used alone with the built-in, tilt-back stand, which also fits conveniently into standard carry-on luggage. Three-compact fluorescent light tubes (4,000 Kelvin) deliver 10,000 lux at 12 inches for light therapy usage. Two-way switch allows alternative 2-bulb, 7,000 lux setting.

  • Helps to ease seasonal mood swings and winter depression, and help improve sleeping patterns
  • Features three florescent light tubes that combine to emit 10,000 lux of light
  • Makes an exceptional task or reading lamp, and provides ambient lighting
  • UV filtered and safe, glare free, flicker free and has two light settings
  • Can ease symptoms of SAD within one to two weeks of regular use

Rating: (out of 129 reviews)

List Price: $ 199.99
Price: $ 136.95

Uplift Technologies DL930 Day-Light 10,000 Lux SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Lamp Reviews

Review by L. Gray:

My psychiatrist prescribed a white light box to help combat my periodic depression, always at its worst from Sept.-April. I did a lot of research (Consumer Reports etc.) and learned that what I wanted was a "White Light" box, not blue light or full spectrum which are useless and/or dangerous. There's a lot of quackery out there. White light does not contain UVA or UVB rays, and has been used in hospitals to combat depression for almost 20 years. It helps in about 50% of cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I found two brands that met my criteria, and found this one on Amazon for about less than list price. I felt the effects (of 30 minutes daily exposure in the morning, as directed) in less than a week. I have been completely free of depression, and full of energy ever since, three months and counting. Over Christmas, I was away from home, in a city where it was heavily overcast the whole time. On the fifth day there, I awoke depressed. Returned that day and it took me 4 days to feel good again.

My one quibble is that the box is rather awkwardly designed; it took a while to find a convenient place to use it correctly. As it is too large to travel with, I am going to look for a more portable one, and will start with Up-Lift Technologies as I am so completely happy with the wonderful effects of their product.

Review by ctx1050:

I am not going to write a long review of this product, suffice it to say that it has certain good points and bad points:

The good:

- I like the overall engineering of the product. For its size, it cranks out a ton of light (it has three 36w bulbs inside). You can stand it up on a table using the flip stand on the back, or you can attach the legs to raise it up. It is also very compact, visually appealing, and solidly built.

The bad:

- As others have commented, this light exudes the smell of burning plastic, no doubt because the back gets so incredibly hot. This smell fills the room and wafts throughout the house and is hard to get rid of. It has not abated at all in the week or so that I have been using this light, and it pretty objectionable.

- It uses 4000k bulbs and as a result casts a slightly warm yellowish light that does not really resemble sunlight. I know that recent studies have shown that light intensity may be more important than color temperature, but since the manufacturer has designed this light so that you are to work, read, etc directly under it, the 4000k bulbs give pretty poor color rendition. When you compare this light side by side to a one that uses higher color temperature bulbs, you really see how yellow it is. I can't understand why the manufacturer chose 4000k bulbs, but I personally prefer light that "looks" more like natural sunlight...i.e. in the 5000k+ range and there are other boxes that do this (like the UltraLux). On a dreary winter day 5000k+ light really feels like natural sunlight. Not so with this box unfortunately, though it may still be therapeutic.

Overall although I like the design, high output, looks and portability, I would not purchase one of these again. The nasty smell and lack of daylight spectrum bulbs detract too much from the product as a whole. I should have given it two stars, but I seem to be unable to go back and edit that field.

Buy Uplift Technologies DL930 Day-Light 10,000 Lux SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Lamp now for only $ 136.95!

Extra Large Pad for Light Relief Therapy

Light Relief Light Therapy is a light therapy device designed to naturally soothe aches and pains in muscles and joints, with no side effects. The Extra Large Pad for Light Relief Therapy is an accessory and must be used with the original Light Relief Light Therapy. The large sized pad helps target larger body areas such as back, legs, shoulders, etc. The bilateral flexibility gives the user the ability to apply soothing relief to where it is needed the most. The Extra Large Pad for Light Relief Therapy contains an array of 60 colored and infrared LEDs, or light emitting diodes (28 infrared, 28 red, and 4 blue). These LEDs emit a gentle stream of soothing energy. To use the Extra Large Pad, simply plug in the attached cord into the original Light Relief unit, and apply the pad to your body. Begin your soothing pain relief therapy today. This is an accessory item for A15934

  • Cushion soft neoprene for the ultimate in comfort
  • Contains 60 colored and infrared LED lights for soothing energy and relief
  • Perfect for use by anyone

Rating: (out of 5 reviews)

Price: $ 25.95

Extra Large Pad for Light Relief Therapy Reviews

Review by Boss Lady:

I purchased this with the main unit (hard body) from Light Relief for use on my back. The main unit's description and photos don't indicate the small pad attached to it can be removed from the hard body for easier use. However, the small pad can be interchanged with this larger pad. If one needs to cover an area larger than 5" x 5" (approximately) then I strongly RECOMMEND buying the larger pad...

It has successfully eliminated my RLS, Sciatica, is helping to heal soft tissue injury to leg and hip muscles after a hip replacement, and also has relieved 30-years of jaw pain...

Following the manufacturer's recommendations, I used it on "High", every night on each area I needed relief, for two sessions (15 minute-timed by the main unit), without the heat. After one night, I had relief!

I need to use it on all my "replaced / injured" parts at least every other night.

The larger pad is easily plugged into the same port the small pad (which comes attached to the hard body unit)...only one pad can be used at a time. I use the smaller pad (removed from the unit) for my jaw, and smaller areas, but the large pad is essential for large areas, like low back, legs, shoulders, tummy, chest, etc.

Review by C. Toney:

This product came as stated and is the right size to reach a greater area. I was in a car accident in 1991; since then I have had continuous pain in between my shoulder blades. I have used this product with the 'Light Relef Infrared Pain LightReleif Therapy Device' as directed, and I believe the pain has lessened even on very humid days, the pain is almost gone. I would recommend this product, as it has worked for me!

Buy Extra Large Pad for Light Relief Therapy now for only $ 25.95!

Philips BriteLITE 6

Sleep Better. Wake Refreshed. Have More Energy. Improve Your Mood. 10,000 Lux Light Therapy. Your Body Clock Affects Your Sleep, Mood, and Energy. Your "body clock" is the center in your brain that uses light to regulate your sleep, mood, and energy cycles. If you struggle with these cycles, your body clock may not be responding properly to normal light signals. You Can Manage Your Body Clock. When your body clock doesn't get the right type of light, it can make you feel tired and moody. The right light at the right time will reset your sleep, mood, and energy cycles, so you can sleep better and feel great during waking hours. The briteLITE safely and quickly provides the light your body needs. Easier Than It Sounds. The briteLITE is easy to use, and most people notice a difference in just a few days. Try our Body Clock System today, and see what you've been missing. Your mood and energy levels will improve, and you'll enjoy sleeping again.

  • Provides 10,000-lux, full spectrum light therapy that doctors recommend
  • Is safe and comfortable to use
  • Gently produces the healthy light signals that your body clock needs
  • Angled face for desktop or counter-top use, convenient carrying handle, comfortable diffuser lens for a soft, even field of light
  • Uses a polycarbonate lens and impact resistant polymers for many years of durability

Rating: (out of 19 reviews)

List Price: $ 229.99
Price: $ 168.44

Light Relief - As Seen On TV - Light Therapy

Retail price is .99! Buy It Now at this liquidation discounted price while it's still available! ** FREE Cigarette Lighter Car Adapter is included ! Use our STAREYES Light Relief Infrared Heat Massager to relieve fatigue, stress, arthritis and other muscle pains associated with sitting for a long period of time. Features: Three modes to meet different needs for maximum comfort and result. Infrared Heat: The compound red eyes emit soothing, infrared rays that penetrate deeply into skin surfaces. Ideal for facial therapy as well. Oscillating Massage: Dual motors offer unique massage therapy for relieving muscle fatigue and tension when heat is not preferred. Massage with Infrared Heat: For maximum therapy to alleviate pain associated with hypertension, arthritis or rheumatism. The infrared gives out a constant heat of 130 degrees, enough to penetrate through the skin, providing a warm and therapeutic effect right to the aching muscle. Cigarette lighter adapter included for use in cars. Includes: Stareyes Light Relief Massager AC Adapter FREE Cigarette lighter adapter included for use in cars.

  • Emits energy in the infrared spectrum
  • Great for muscle and joint pain, stiffness & more
  • Includes travel bag
  • Provides topical heating
  • Free cigarette lighter car adapter

Rating: (out of 50 reviews)

List Price: $ 84.99
Price: $ 74.95

Verilux TwiLight Mini Ultra Blue Light Therapy Sleep System

The TwiLight Mini Ultra Blue Light Therapy Sleep System provides excellent blue light exposure that has been shown to optimize the re-calibration of the body's Circadian rhythm. Many studies have shown that the occurrence of sleep disturbance increase with age. The natural Circadian rhythm that regulates your body's sleep cycles can be thrown off by spending more time indoors as we age. Placing this compact device in your bedroom and activating its soothing blue light for 30-60 minutes prior to falling asleep will help you fall asleep faster and experience a more satisfying slumber. Young children and infants can also benefit from bathing their bedroom in the soft glow of blue light to falling asleep. The TwiLight System remains cool to the touch, so it's safe to use. The compact size and high/low illumination make it the perfect addition to any bedroom. 5,000 LUX of 460nm blue light therapy. Translucent lens delivers an optimal dose of the correct spectrum of blue light to regulate Circadian rhythm and assist in providing more restful and effective sleep patterns.

  • 5,000 LUX of 460 nm blue light therapy
  • 36 watt Natural Spectrum bulb
  • Contemporary design and high/low operation
  • Best in class electronic control system
  • 3 year limited warranty

Rating: (out of 9 reviews)

List Price: $ 89.95
Price: $ 89.95

Zadro Sunlight 365 Portable Light for Mood Adjustment

Super bright 10,000 LUX aritficial sunlight

  • Portable, includes travel pouch
  • Sunlight without UV rays
  • Natural sunlight for mood adjustment

Rating: (out of 100 reviews)

List Price: $ 60.00
Price: Too low to display

Verilux VT05FWW1 HappyLight 6000

The HappyLight 6000 emulates natural daylight to deliver up to 6,000 LUX of white light for improving overall mood, energy and concentration. The 6000's Natural Spectrum light stimulates the body's natural energy enhancers without exposing you to harmful UV rays. Use the HappyLight 6000, the new and improved version of the popular HappyLite Mini Ultra, while you're on the computer or reading the newspaper to experience improved mood and overall sense of well-being without the use of drugs or artificial stimulants.

  • Up to 6,000 LUX of Natural Spectrum daylight lifts spirits, sharpens concentration and improves energy levels
  • Helps address the effects of seasonal change, Winter Blues, shift work and jet lag
  • Emulates natural daylight to improve mood and overall sense of well-being
  • Sleek space-saving design is ideal for home office or dorm room
  • Energy efficient bulb uses only 36 Watts to produce 300 Watts of Natural Spectrum light

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 89.95
Price: $ 85.00

Verilux VT05FWW1 HappyLight 6000 Reviews

Review by Jen:

Before you buy this product, read this review.

I always get the winter blues, especially living in Cleveland, Ohio. As soon as the sun starts shining more, I feel better.

So, I thought getting this light would be a great way to get some "sunlight" to make me feel better. I figured I'd turn it on in the bathroom while getting ready for work, and again in the evening while working on the computer or watching tv. It was not an easy decision, due to the price, but I thought I would try it.

After I unpacked the light all excited to try it, I read the pamphlet....

You need to sit in front of this light for HOURS--not 30 minutes, not 1 hour--think 4 hours within 3 feet of this light.

And you should not use it in the evening because it will disturb your normal sleep-wake cycle, keeping you awake at night!

So, unless you have a strict desk job, or have the time to sit in front of this light for 4 hours a day before 5pm, don't waste your money on this product!

Review by D. G. Intlekofer:

Based on Amazon reviews of its predecessor, Verilux Natural Spectrum HappyLite Mini Ultra, Silver, I decided to give this item a try. I've been using it now for a couple of weeks and really like it. It sits at about 2 feet away from me on my computer desk. On the low setting (recommended during the evening), it produces a nice glow that took just a few minutes to get used to. The high setting (recommended during the morning) is pretty intense, but I imagine with time you'll get used to it.

My continuing lack of motivation and incredibly annoying low energy level that I knew was due to the winter blues made me immediately buy this product after a friend recommended it to me. Supposedly another friend bought a HappyLight for his lab area and also used it in the evenings while writing his dissertation. The friend reported the light to be highly effective in maintaining concentration during the evening. In addition to my waning low energy and mood levels, that testimony made me want to purchase this light immediately. As a doctoral student, I'm always at my home computer desk if I'm not in the classroom learning or teaching. And I'll soon be spending all of my hours late into the evening writing my dissertation.

It was incredibly easy to set up. It's nicely packaged and requires no assembly. Just plug it in, switch it to either the half or full setting and enjoy. Again, I've only been using it for two days, but a previous reviewer (from the earlier model) said that he spoke to a Verilux representative, who advised that you'll know within an hour if it's for you. Well, I know it's for me, and if you're interested in adjusting your mood for the better and getting out of that winter funk mode, give this product a try. I hate that I waited this long to research preventative measures and solutions for the winter blues.

Buy Verilux VT05FWW1 HappyLight 6000 now for only $ 85.00!

NatureBright PER3 Deluxe Light Therapy Lamp

Wake Up to Light - Dawn & Dust Simulators for Perfect Good Morning & Good Nights

The PER3 simulates the light of a naturalistic summer dawn by gradually increasing the intensity of light prior to wake up time. Clinical studies concluded that twilight exposure apears able to promote circadian phase adjustments, morning melatonin suppresion, regularized sleep patterns, and antidepressant responses.

Gentle & Effectve Home Light Therapy Treatment

The PER3 delivers therapeutic bright light at a comfortable distance. Daily treatments of 15 to 30 minutes offer gently effective therapy for:

Winter SAD
Sleep Disorders
Depression The NatureBright PER3 Deluxe Light Therapy Lamp is multifunctional in design and ideally suited for your busy life. This lamp is more than a just a light; it works as an attractive light therapy lamp and a daily alarm clock.

The PER3 is designed to be a vital partner in your daily life. View larger.

Use this attractive light therapy lamp wherever you please. View larger.

You can also use it as an alarm clock. View larger. Its super-bright LED light has been proven to relieve symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), depression, sleep disorders, jet lag, and other conditions. With regular use of PER3, you can enjoy more healthy sleeping patterns, banish "winter blues," and even indulge in a bit of bedtime reading with glare-free, bright and clear LED illumination. Are you, or is someone you know, suffering from symptoms of SAD? Take this handy self test to find out. How the Deluxe Light Therapy Lamp Works
PER3 emits the wavelength and intensity of light that has been proven to improve health and general well-being. The PER3 works to subtly reset your internal cycles, adjusting your body clock with

  • Multifunctional lamp delivers light therapy and also functions as an alarm clock and a reading lamp
  • Super-bright LED light has been proven to relieve symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and other conditions
  • Balances your body clock, leaving you feeling rested, refreshed, and nourished all over
  • Mimics both the gradually increasing light of sunrise as well as the progressively fading light of sunset
  • Attractive and compact design

Rating: (out of 24 reviews)

List Price: $ 199.99
Price: $ 129.99

NatureBright PER3 Deluxe Light Therapy Lamp Reviews

Review by Light Doctor:

I am an academic psychiatrist, and have reviewed the scientific articles on Dawn Simulation and Light Therapy, both of which are promising treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder and also helpful for people who need to get up before the sun. I recently purchased this device and will be returning it today. As another reviewer described, when set for "Dawn Simulation" it starts at 10% for 29min then increases to 100% in the last minute. Real dawn simulators start with a nearly imperceptable amount of light and increase gradually to a modest (300lux)amount of light at awakening time with a goal of broad illumination of the sleeping area. This lamp is very directional and would not provide even illumination of a pillow from a bedside table. The traditional intensity for Light Therapy is 10,000 lux. This lamp does not reveal its intensity, but it is much less bright than a real 10,000 lux light I have. It would likely require much longer exposure times for the same effect. Their online literature references the importance of blue wavelengths, which appears to be true, but does not reveal output in that range. The clock display is not visible unless the lamp is on.

In summary, It is NOT a dawn simulator, and NOT a Light Therapy Device.

It is a poor desk lamp and a miserable clock.

Review by Kathleen:

I identified myself as suffering from SAD over 15 years ago. After consultation with a psychopharmacologist and use of antidepressants for a period of time he suggested I try light therapy during the winter. That was the answer for me. I have used the large light boxes one must sit in front of for 30-60 minutes each morning for years but still wished it was easier to get up in the morning during the dark winter months. I bought this lamp solely for its dawn simulation aspect. It took me a few attempts to understand the directions for the dawn simulation but have been using it since October and it has been wonderful. I have it sitting in front of my east facing bedroom window about 5 feet from my bed with the light pointed directly at the bed-- not the typical lamp stance. It bathes my room with light gradually over a 30 minute period. As reaches its full intensity it has a gentle 'tweet' sound for the alarm. Several mornings I awoke thinking truly the sun was coming in the window -- but alas, no, it is still winter! It is easy to adjust the time of day the simulation occurs, or turn it off completely, as I like to sleep later than 6am on the weekends. I give this a 5 star rating. It is an EXCELLENT dawn simulator doing for me exactly what I had hoped it would. Take it from someone who has dealt with SAD for years and used a variety of products to help alleviate the symptoms.

Buy NatureBright PER3 Deluxe Light Therapy Lamp now for only $ 129.99!

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