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New! Simply Slender Body Wraps Deluxe Kit for Weight Loss-ss1432

Simply Slender Body Wraps are professionally designed to remove excess and unwanted waste in the bodys tissue while tightening and toning the skin. The Body Wrap process is capable of removing up to 20 inches from the entire body in addition to reducing the appearance of cellulite. Simply Slender Body Wrap also purifies the body of harmful toxins that accumulate through such factors as aging, improper diet, lack of exercise, medication, smoking and stress


2-16 oz jars Simply Slender Body Wrap Slenderizing cream

14 high quality cotton elastic wraps (6 inches wide x 15 foot long when stretched)

Slenderizing Suit (worn after Wraps are applied to hold in heat)
Complete Instruction Book with Body diagram chart for recording Before and After measurements

Body measuring tape

  • Lose 6-20 inches in one hour
  • Wrap your entire body or Spot wrap to tighten and tone problem areas
  • Wrap any part of the body to detoxify or remove unwanted inches
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Safe and healthy for all types of skin

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

Price: $ 114.95

New! Simply Slender Body Wraps Deluxe Kit for Weight Loss-ss1432 Reviews

Buy New! Simply Slender Body Wraps Deluxe Kit for Weight Loss-ss1432 now for only $ 114.95!

Body Wrap Elastic Bandages 4 pk

Body Wrap Elastic Bandages are of incredible quality; designed to be used over and over, machine washable. The Cotton Elastic Wraps are applied over the Slenderizing Cream, to shape the body and force lymphatic fluids out during the body wrap process. When used properly and frequently, the cotton Elastic Wraps can lift areas like the Buttocks and help to lift, shape and reduce inches.

  • Each bandage is 6 inches by 15 feet long when stretched.
  • Package- Includes: 4 Bandage Rolls
  • Exellent for body wrapping

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

Price: $ 19.95

Body Wrap Elastic Bandages 4 pk Reviews

Review by katalind:

Save your money!! Not only is this messy and time consuming,it doesn't work.

Buy Body Wrap Elastic Bandages 4 pk now for only $ 19.95!

Body Wrap Women's High Waist Panty,Black,Small

Hi-waist brief with 8-1/2 inch rise. Seamless microfiber. Provides firm control. Flattens tummy and slims waist. Lifts and shapes rear. Body Wrap Style 44811

  • 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex
  • Tummy control; control released panel in derriere for contoured shaping
  • Seamless
  • Machine wash cold, hand dry
  • Imported

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 40.00
Price: $ 38.00

Body Wrap Women's High Waist Panty,Black,Small Reviews

Buy Body Wrap Women's High Waist Panty,Black,Small now for only $ 38.00!

Ultra Body Wrap Kit 64oz (32 treatments)

A body wrap can help you lose those unwanted inches fast. offers formulated herbal body wrap kits that will help you to reduce inches and body weight in as little as one 1-hour session GUARANTEED (*please see our store policy*)while not only aiding in weight loss but will tone and tighten your skin for a slimmer, softer, and healthier look and feel. Now you can save time, money and enjoy the privacy and comfort of performing a body wrap in your own home. How our Body Wraps Work: Our body wrap recipe is made up of a fresh daily blend of ingredients that includes special herbs and oils used in conjunction with a process that extracts and absorbs interstitial fluids through the pores of your skin into the elastic wrapping bandages. This leaves empty pockets between fat cells that are compressed by the body wrapping bandages and results in immediate reduction of body weight which gives you an immediate reduction in size. The more times you perform a body wrap the faster and better the results. You will be amazed at how soft and healthy your skin will feel and look after our body wraps. You can use your body wrap kits to combat the fat on many areas of the body. Many of the places that retain water are neck, calves and thighs, waist, large hips, buttock bottom areas, loose upper and lower arm areas, and your stomach areas. Results may vary.

  • 64 ounce jug of Slenderizing Cream ( up to 32 treatments ).
  • 8 high quality cotton elastic wraps (6 inches wide x 15 foot long when stretched) .
  • Complete Instruction Book with Body diagram chart for recording Before and After measurements.
  • Body measuring tape.
  • Free Sauna Suit

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 159.95
Price: $ 138.75

Ultra Body Wrap Kit 64oz (32 treatments) Reviews

Buy Ultra Body Wrap Kit 64oz (32 treatments) now for only $ 138.75!

DreamTime Warm Embrace Body Wrap, Sage Velvet

Caress your body with warm, cozy comfort, and transform everyday stress into a sense of well-being and relaxation. DreamTime's Warm Embrace Body Wrap imparts a healing warmth or cooling touch that comforts the body and soul, while the exclusive fragrant fill of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus soothes the senses. Its generous size and shape lets you blanket any area in need of nurturing while the luxurious fabric elevates your experience to absolute bliss. Wrap yourself in DreamTime's Warm Embrace and get carried away to a world where relaxation is the rule.

  • Use as heat therapy to increase circulation and ease muscle tension
  • Use cold therapy to reduce swelling or body temperature
  • Quilted inner lining keeps heat or cold distributed evenly
  • Washable and removable cover
  • Premium fabrics and ingredients are effective and long- lasting

Rating: (out of 20 reviews)

List Price: $ 37.99
Price: $ 34.94

DreamTime Warm Embrace Body Wrap, Sage Velvet Reviews

Review by Daniel G. Lebryk:

Valentine's Day 2004, Origins store, bought my wife this wonderful thing called a Ginger Hug. I have been told this is the BEST Valentine's Day present I have ever bought my wife. Fast forward six years and the original is very well worn, like a child's favorite stuffed animal; and I'm scratching my head to buy a replacement. Valentine's Day 2010, discovered that the manufacturer of that original Ginger Hug was none other than DreamTime. I was so happy, and imagine that, Amazon carries these wonderful pillows.

Not to leave anything to chance, I purchased every single color, red, purple, green, and bamboo. Today was a fabulous day - the new version is just as fabulous and I've finally bought a second fantastic Valentine's Day present.

These are really sweet pillows / body wraps. The exterior is a very soft velvet material. It feels fantastic against your skin. The exterior is like a pillow case and the actual material is encased in a white cotton chambered body. The material is rice, cloves, cinnamon, and eucylptus. So it's very easy to figure out if you will like the odor. If love these three smells, you will adore this wrap.

These are soft and cuddly. The chambers inside the pillow prevent the rice from settling at one end. Since the case is removable, it is very easy to wash the exterior. The dry rice microwaves rather well to warm up the whole wrap. The instructions warn to warm the wrap thirty seconds at a time in the microwave. Obviously if you soak this with water, the rice will swell and ruin the wrap. Just be careful to not soak the wrap.

Color is very subjective. I do find every of these colors pleasant. The red is a deep royal red. The others are all muted and very subtle.

Well, another great present. These are just a great way to relax.

Review by T. Moore:

Like my title says, it heats well, but I really can't get over the smell. I've had this type of thing before and loved it. But I can't stand the strong smell of cloves in this one. So, if you like the smell of cloves, go for it, cause there is technically nothing wrong with the product. It just wasn't for me.....

Buy DreamTime Warm Embrace Body Wrap, Sage Velvet now for only $ 34.94!

Carex Bed Buddy, Body Wrap

Designed for treatment of neck, shoulder, arm, leg, knee, and back pain. It also helps relieve stomach cramps, tired aching hands and feet and provides relief for nursing mothers. The velcro closure helps to secure the Body Wrap comfortably in various positions on the body.

  • The Original Bed Buddy Body Wrap contains 100% organic materials that are safe for the environment, people and pets
  • Veltex construction with impact printing
  • Velcro closure

Rating: (out of 51 reviews)

List Price: $ 27.59
Price: $ 18.94

Carex Bed Buddy, Body Wrap Reviews

Review by D. Staib:

The "Carex Bed Buddy Body Wrap" is just what I needed to sooth my sholder AND back. It's just the right size to get the job done! The Best!!!

Review by mustang00:

I bought this recently for my bad back. After heating in the microwave per the instructions, it retains heat for only about 20 minutes or so. Have to keep re-heating it.

Furthermore, after about the 10th time using it -- and on a new day when it had not been used yet that day -- the outside material disintegrated in 2 places in the microwave, with the inner material falling out. Always heated for no longer than the instructions said to. I will never buy this again.

Buy Carex Bed Buddy, Body Wrap now for only $ 18.94!

Body Wrap Formula -Amino-Firm Concentrate 8oz

This product may be used with the Simply Slender Slenderizing Cream by applying 1 oz directly to the skin before applying the cream, follow by applying 1 oz to the skin after removing all bandages and cream after completing the wrap.

  • Amino-Firm Concentrate Solution is an extremely high concentration of amino acids and caffeine designed to be absorbed by the skin.
  • The process is started by chemically stimulating the fat cells to empty their contents.
  • This process will help your skin to become tighter and more youthful looking.
  • You may experience relief from pain in your joints and muscles.

Price: $ 34.95

Shape Up Wrapper Plastic Body Wrap

Want to make sure you'll look great for an upcoming holiday party? Try the Shape Up Wrapper for quick water weight loss to help you look and feel your best. Simply wrap the vinyl sheet around your torso for a few hours prior to the event. It sticks to itself easily. Remember, if you feel dizzy or uncomfortable, immediately remove the wrapper and consume some water and rest. Properly used, this wrapper can help you temporarily slim down.

  • Wear the wrap for occassional water weight loss
  • High-quality vinyl sticks to itself for easy wrapping
  • Fits around torso
  • Dimensions: approx. 1 meter or 39 inches long by 30cm / 11.5 inches wide
  • Follow proper guidelines on hydration & hygiene during use

List Price: $ 12.99
Price: $ 2.95

NEW Deluxe Simply Slender Body Wraps Body Wrap for Weight Loss Kit



The luxurious Simply Slender Body Wraps System is formulated to cleanse the body of toxins that can collect due to such factors as aging, improper diet, lack of exercise, smoking and stress. All while reducing inches and firming and toning the skin.

What could be better than a fast, safe and all natural treatment that melts away inches from thighs, stomachs, hips and waistlines, removes cellulite and flushes out lifelong accumulation of health threatening metabolic wastes out of the body.

Im sure you have tried diet after diet, weight loss programs, exercising and still have unwanted inches, cellulite and loose skin. You probably look and feel older than you should.

Aging is accelerated by the accumulation of metabolic wastes and environmental poisons- which cause wrinkles, cellulite, lack of energy and loose or crepe skin. Water retention is an obvious characteristic of waste buildup in your body. Aging reversal is now possible with Simply Slender Body Wraps by freeing the body of life long buildup, which previously made weight loss almost impossible.

Simply Slender Body Wraps allow you to determine where you want to lose the unwanted inches. You can begin by slenderizing your problem areas such as thighs, hips, abdomen, arms, etc., or you may chose to wrap your entire body. You decide where inches need to come off.

  • 2, 16 oz Jars of Slenderizing Cream - Enough for 8 Complete Body Wraps (there are 2 jars, even though the picture only shows 1)
  • 14 high quality cotton elastic wraps (6 inches wide x 15 foot long when stretched)
  • Slenderizing Suit (worn after Wraps are applied to hold in heat)
  • Complete Instruction Book with Body diagram chart for recording Before and After measurements
  • Body measuring tape

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

Price: $ 89.95

NEW Deluxe Simply Slender Body Wraps Body Wrap for Weight Loss Kit Reviews

Review by J. Chauvin:

This was a complete wast of my money! I followed the directions down to the "T" and even had my hubby help me with it. I measured everything and used the product. It is messy and the sauna suit is very bulky and uncomfortable. I left the wrap on for an hour and measured, nothing! It actually made me feel light-headed because of the fluid intake directions are strict. I didn't give up however, I tried it again the next day and nothing. Then I did it twice in one day and not even an inch. I can't believe I wasted so many hours in that stupid wrap and sauna suit! Please save you money!

Review by C. Dunwoody:

I just started using the product. Have not noticed a changed as of yet. It is hard to put this all over my body myself. It is also alot messier than I thought it would be.

Buy NEW Deluxe Simply Slender Body Wraps Body Wrap for Weight Loss Kit now for only $ 89.95!

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