Strip That Fat and Lose Up to 14 Pounds in 14 Days!

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Trying to lose weight has always been a problem for most people. They try many different diets and most diets have failed you. Why? Well, if you're like me and you don't like the feeling of being hungry, then those diets didn't work because you always felt hungry and probably ended up cheating on the diet. There is a new diet called Strip That Fat Weight Loss Program and this diet is different than all the rest. It's different because you get to spread out your meals throughout the day into 5 meals. You are eating smaller portions of food more often and this is what keeps you feeling satisfied throughout the day.

Can you really lose up to 14 pounds in 14 days?

Most people that have tried or even will try this diet will lose an average of about 10 pounds in those 2 weeks. Some will lose more, some will lose less. It all depends on your ability to stick with the Strip That Fat diet. It definitely is very easy to stick with this diet because it comes with a diet generator that you use online. You can create over 40,000 different meals by selecting different foods you would like to eat. It then creates these meals for you for the entire 14 day period. It even gives you an option to print the shopping list!

Why does Strip That Fat work?

It works because if you spread out your meals into 4 or 5 meals per day, you end up eating less at every meal. Don't get me wrong, you can eat as much as you want until you feel satisfied. So, this plan actually is different than other diets because you will not feel starved while on this weight loss program. Your body also burns more calories by spreading out your meals this way. If you can learn to change your lifestyle and eat like this, you will definitely lose weight and feel better about yourself!

Learn more about how you too can lose the weight you want to lose by starting the Strip that Fat Weight Loss Diet today!

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Calorie Shifting Theory – Learn How Shifting Calories Can Make You Lose Weight Fast!

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By Sean Frye

The Calorie Shifting Theory is a weight and fat loss diet that can be found online with an online diet generator and the Idiot Proof Diet Handbook.

Calorie Shifting Theory - What it is and how does it work?

It is a basically a diet about shifting or alternating the types of food you eat throughout the day. It has grown more to be a fact than a theory because of the amount of weight loss and success stories available. By using the Calorie Shifting Theory diet plan you can lose up to 9 pounds in 11 days. This weight loss is each and every time you do this diet. It does call for a 3 day break in between the diet itself before you can start it all over again. This break is actually part of the diet itself to keep your metabolism confused and burning plenty of calories.

Confused Metabolism with the Calorie Shifting Theory?

The basic concept of this plan is to shift the type of foods you eat such as carbohydrates and proteins. A lot of us eat both carbohydrates and proteins at one meal, but this diet has you actually eating only proteins or carbs per meal. The plan also consists of you eating four times per day. Meals are supposed to be spaced out every two and a half hours. Every time you eat, your body starts to burn calories. So by spacing out your meals and eating more often per day, your body will be burning calories more consistently.

The way you are confusing your metabolism is by "shifting" the calorie types. Your body is so used to the way you currently eat and it burns calories based on this. But by changing things up and shifting calories types, your body and its metabolism will be confused and will not only burn the calories you consume, but will also start to burn excess fat tissue. And this is exactly what you want because this is when the weight starts coming off.

To learn a lot more about how to start getting this weight coming off with the Calorie Shifting Theory, visit:

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Learn more on how to drop 10 lbs fast

Learn More about Calorie Shifting and How to Lose 9 Pounds in 11 Days!

Weight Loss Body Wraps – How to Lose Inches Fast!

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Weight Loss Body Wraps

Weight Loss Body Wraps

By Sean Frye

With an ever increasing weight problem in our society today, weight loss body wraps have been gaining popularity worldwide. These body wraps have all natural ingredients that help with inch loss in targeted areas such as your stomach, thighs, legs, and even your face and chin.

How Weight Loss Body Wraps Work

The ingredients found in the body wraps penetrate deep and work at the cellular level to help eliminate toxins and create something called lymphatic drainage. This process helps move the fat and toxins out of your body. By removing these toxins and impurities, your will notice inch loss in that specific or targeted area. Some people have reported significant inch loss in just the first treatment.

If you are targeting a specific area, it is recommended to use several treatments until you get the desired results. Although these weight loss body wraps can be used daily, it is suggested to wait 72 hours in between treatments because the natural ingredients found in the body wrap applicators will continue to work for up to 72 hours. After removing the wrap, you should massage in the remaining ingredients into your skin.

You can safely and easily lose some inches off of your waist, thighs or other targeted area in as little as one hour. I've always been a skeptic when it came to immediate results until I tried it myself. These weight loss body wraps are a great way to lose some inches and fit into those pants, swimsuit, or other article of clothing that may be a little tight on you. It's also a great feeling to know that in such a short time you can be looking great.

After using the wraps, your skin feels real soft and smooth. The ingredients are also said to hydrate your skin and keep it moisturized. You owe it to yourself to try one of the body wraps for yourself.

Weight Loss Body Wraps can have you losing inches and weight in as little as 45 minutes. Start losing that weight fast by incorporating these inexpensive at home body wraps into your weight loss routine. For more information, click here: Body Wraps for Inch and Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Body Wraps- Learn more, click below

The Weight Loss Body Wrap website
Weight Loss Body Wraps - Lose Inches and Target Fat
The all-natural ingredients in these Weight Loss Body Wraps not only help improve the appearance of cellulite, they also help you target fat in specific areas such as your abs/stomach, back, face, arms, chin, and legs.

Each box of weight loss body wraps contains 4 individually wrapped “lose fat” body wraps.