$29 for a Formostar Infrared Body Wrap at Endless Summer Tanning Centers

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infrared body wrap

formostar infrared body wrap

In one of the most miraculous transformations in the natural world, an ugly caterpillar wraps itself in a cocoon and emerges six to eight weeks later as either a beautiful butterfly or a much-uglier caterpillar. Revel in a more predictable and effective beautifying treatment with today's Groupon: for $29, you get a slimming Formostar infrared body wrap at Endless Summer Tanning Centers (a $99 value). Redeem this Groupon at your choice of either Endless Summer's Ventura or Port Hueneme location. You must be 16 or older.

During Endless Summer's 50-minute Formostar infrared body wrap, clients are cocooned in controlled, comfortable heat. This warmth not only stimulates caloric burn (some claim that up to 1,400 calories can be sizzled in a single session) but also boosts blood flow and sends toxins sailing on a one-way sweat wave to the evasive sweat glands on Mars. Infrared heat can also effectively alleviate muscle pain and stress, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and decrease orange-soda retention. Call to schedule an appointment.

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Weight Loss Diet Patch – What is a Weight Loss Diet Patch and How Does it Work?

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Weight Loss Diet Patch - What is a Weight Loss Diet Patch and How Does it Work?

By Sean Frye

There are body wraps, solutions or gels and now there are diet patches for losing pounds and inches. What is a weight loss diet patch? Well, there are different types of patches available, some are effective, some are more effective, and some not so effective. Some patches state that they can increase your metabolism and some just make you lose water weight. So the question is, which diet patch should you look for? First, let's talk about what it is.

What is a Weight Loss Diet Patch? How Does it Work?

It is a patch or cloth material that has ingredients applied to this material to help you with lymphatic drainage. What these ingredients do is target your fat cells to release toxins and fatty material from the cells and to burn them as energy. When your cells release these toxins and fat, what's left is a half-empty cell which compresses and therefore causes your inch loss. With some patches you can see results in as little as one hour.

Some patches are small and others are big enough to cover your belly area. In your search for a weight loss diet patch you want to look for these bigger patches as they have more of these all natural ingredients that cause the lymphatic drainage which in turn cause inch loss. The inches you lose are not water weight loss. The inch loss results usually last anywhere from three to four weeks or until your fat cells get filled up with toxins and fatty material again. With these types of diet patches, you "want" to drink plenty of water after using them to help with the removal of these toxins through your body's natural elimination process.

Following are a few of the weight loss diet patches I have found that work the way I described above:

Weight Loss Diet Patch

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Weight Loss Finally Made Possible with the Slimweight Patch

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The Slimweight Patch

The Slimweight Patch

If you are not interested in sticking to your limiting diet and bored by feeling guilty about missing your appointments with the gym, there is still a quick and efficient way to lose weight. The struggle to lose weight and rid oneself of excess fat is something that the majority of the populous faces, but thanks to a revolutionary new weight management remedy you now don't have to be among them.

The Slim weight Patch is here to make it possible for you to lose significant amounts of weight, shed that ugly blubber, and all the while leave you free to enjoy food you adore so much. A common misconception is that in order to shed weight you have to stick to a diet comprised of leafy greens and other tasteless foods, yet with the Slimweight Patch you will see results right away without ever having to make any alterations to your current diet and daily routines.

The Slimweight Patch is made from all natural ingredients that will supercharge your constitution and make you a calorie blasting machine. Mimicking the effect of continued, strenuous exercise this patch will make it possible for you to burn seriously more calories during the day whatever if you're resting or perhaps sleeping. What's even better is that this forceful mixture of ingredients will restrain your appetite and cravings which will then allow you to still eat as you routinely would but will cause you to feel much more full and satisfied off of less food. This can eliminate hundreds of calories from your diet each day without any conscious effort on your end.

The better part is that the results of the Slimweight Patch are fast. You may note that in as little as a few days, if not sooner, you'll see a marked decrease in your appetite and your metabolic rate's increase will follow shortly afterward. Among many clinical and subject studies results have yielded that it is common to lose anywhere between two and four pounds of fat each week, and others have noted losing upwards of 6 pounds. At that rate you can then opt to use the Slimweight Patch for so long as you see fit .

There's a dosing advice chart included which will lead you along in your weight loss journey, helping you blast away unpleasant fat while leaving you free to go about your usual activities and routines.

Losing weight no longer has to be a slow and punishing task, with the Slim weight Patch you will see results nearly instantly. Get the body that you have always wanted but never thought possible without hours spent in the gym and a diet that excluded all of the foods you love; the Slimweight Patch works, and it works fast.


Ultimate Applicator Review – What is the Ultimate Applicator?

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Ultimate Applicator

Ultimate Applicator Review - What is the Ultimate Applicator?

By Sean Frye

The Ultimate Applicator is a product by It Works Marketing. It is basically an at home body wrap that is supposed to help you to lose fat and inches in under 45 minutes. Having been in the day spa industry and having experience with cellulite machines and hi-tech body wraps, I was definitely skeptical that an at home product could work so well.

Ultimate Applicator- My Personal Review

I ordered a package of Ultimate Applicators just to try it and see what all the buzz was about. It took me a few days to actually try it, but I finally applied the applicator one night. I had my wife measure my stomach in 3 places as it says to do and wrote all the measurements down. Being as skeptical as I was, I didn't think it would work and after about an hour, I decided just to leave it on, go to sleep and then take it off in the morning.

The next morning I awoke and still had it on. I had been afraid that It would have slipped from it's position over my stomach in the middle of the night because I toss and turn a lot. My wife had done a good job of securing the Ultimate Applicator in place with the plastic wrap.

The moment of truth came when I took it off and called my wife in to do the measurements again. I had felt somewhat different and was anxious to see the measurements. In the top and bottom measurement, I had lost 2 1/2 inches and the middle measurement (direct center of my stomach), I had lost 3 inches. I couldn't believe it. Still skeptical, I thought it was just water weight that I had lost and that it would come back after eating breakfast, lunch and dinner that day. I had my wife measure again that night. The measurements were about 1/2 inch off each and I thought I had been right. The inches were coming back after going about a normal day. I did apply some of the "Defining Gel" that you are supposed to apply in between these Applicator treatments and went to bed.

The next morning, I wasn't as concerned about measurements as I had been the day prior. But my wife wanted to check. I was very surprised that in all 3 spots, I was a total of 3 inches less.

To conclude my own personal experience with the Ultimate Applicator, I used them once a week for a month and applied the "Defining Gel" in between as you are supposed to. The best inch loss measurement came after the 3rd Ultimate Applicator treatment where I had lost a cumulative 4 inches from my stomach. After 4 weeks of using it, I had average a loss of 3 inches total. At that point, I decided to stop using everything and wait a few weeks to see if I would gain any of those inches back. At about the third week, I started to slowing gain back those inches. At 5 weeks, I had gained back one full inch and at six weeks, I had gained back 1 and a half inch.

I wanted to do one more test. After six weeks of not using defining gel or the Ultimate Applicator, I was going to use another one. This time, I only left this Applicator on for the time that it says to leave it on: 45 minutes. All other times, I had left them on overnight. After measuring my stomach again, I was surprised to learn that I had lost close to 2 inches. Back to 3 1/2 inches off of where I originally started.

I have since become a distributor of the Ultimate Applicators and have received great response from my neighbors and website customers. One of my neighbors tried the applicator as I had, overnight, and she lost a total of 4 1/2 inches from her tummy. I a no longer a skeptic and recommend this product to anyone who is looking to lose several inches from their stomach, thighs, chin, or arms.

Learn more about these body wraps by visiting: Ultimate Applicators

To start selling these Ultimate Applicators yourself either online, to your friends and family, or by hosting a home body wrap party, visit: Body Wrap Business

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sean_Frye

Learn more about the Ultimate Applicator - Click below

the ultimate applicator

Ultimate ApplicatorUltimate Applicator

Lose Inches Quickly – Learn to Lose Inches Quickly with Body Wraps

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If you are needing to lose several inches in the next several days, please keep reading. There are some inch loss body wraps that on the market that help you to lose inches quickly and safely. These body wraps have a special formulation of ingredients that get the job done quickly.

Lose 3 to 4 inches after just one or two wraps!

Body Wraps have been a way of losing inches and fat and have been found in spa and salons. The body wraps help you to lose inches and the results can last as long as five or six weeks! They're not your traditional body wrap where only water weight is lost.

They work by getting at your fat cells, releasing toxins and fat, and the space left in those thousands of cells gets squished back thereby giving you quick inch loss. You can use these inch loss body wraps to target any specific area of your body such as your stomach, love handles, chin, flabbed out arms, and the most popular, your thighs! Lose inches around your thighs and improve and smooth your cellulite!

Many people ask how cheap or expensive are these? Each box contains 4 wraps to lose inches
quickly and the box of 4 costs $89.00. For more information on these body wraps,
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Start Losing Inches Now! Order Your Inch Loss Body Wrap below:

Each box of wraps contains 4 individually wrapped “lose fat” body wraps.

lose inches quickly The Ultimate At-Home Body Wrap
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Give body acne no chance – ClearPores

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Acne is a common skin condition featuring pimples outbreaks on the body and facial skin. Many people develop acne on the chest, shoulders and back, which can sometimes be the first inkling to the emergence of more severe forms of acne. The severe forms of acne are painful and can only be treated with drugs under the supervision of a dermatologist.

People suffering from mild or moderate body acne, we heartily recommend the Clear Pores System. Hard to treat cases are better left to a dermatologist’s skills, although ClearPores is certainly up to the task. The best way to treat acne is to cleanse the skin with a solution containing Salicylic Acid and SD Alcohol 40. The ClearPores body and face washes contain these two excellent ingredients, which are accompanied by the well-known Aloe Vera (to soothe the skin and help the healing process), Dandelion Root and Yellow Dock.

Despite recent scientific investigations, researchers are still in the dark about what causes body acne. You best option is to avoid anything that could cause or worsen your acne. Keep your facial and body skin clean every day and be careful not to trigger acne or rashes by wearing very tight clothing or heavy backpacks. If you feel your clothing, backpack or purse is causing you skin problems, then start thinking about alternatives.

Neck acne is known among professionals as a difficult proposition. The skin on your neck is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. It needs more moisturizing and care from you than, say, you back skin. However, ClearPores can take care of acne even on your neck and is also gentle to your sensitive skin.