Diet Pills That Work: Is There Such a Thing?

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Do you wonder if there is any such thing as a diet pill that works? The short answer is yes, there is a weight loss tablet which works. In fact there is more than one, however finding a diet pill that works for you can present a challenge. In this discussion you will discover several things which will help your weight loss pill to work, more efficiently.

Weight loss pills, just as diets, can’t work solely on their own; they require your co-operation. If you can eat relatively healthy and undertake a small amount of exercise each week then the chances will increase that your diet pill will work.

A word of caution and warning needs to be inserted here. You should always see your doctor to make sure you have no underlying health issues causing your weight gain. It is also important for the Doctor to determine you are physically healthy enough to pursue a weight loss diet and exercise program.

It is well known that the best way to stay fit and healthy is by eating well and exercising. However, some people still require a little more motivation. This is when a weight loss diet pill comes into play. Diet pills can increase the speed and kick start your weight loss. The initial weight loss becomes a huge motivator.

Most diet pills claim that they are the very best product on the market. Often times claiming you will lose weight instantly and without effort. In some cases this is an outright lie. In other cases it’s partially true.

There is no single "best" weight loss pill nor will any have you losing weight (safely) in just a few hours. The best weight loss pills don’t make false claims; they just tell you the facts. Sure they may hype it up a bit, but leave the outrageous lies to the pills that do nothing for you. So how do you choose a good diet pill that works?

Natural and Herbal Products

These products are generally what most diet pills are. Natural diet pills also will not expose you to dangerous side effects that chemical based pills can. If a product is marketed as "all natural" or "herbal" then you can be sure it is based on natural ingredients such as plants and minerals.

Look at the Marketing
If the diet pill company website has unrealistic claims and downright sleazy marketing tactics then you can become a little suspect of the product. A good diet pill company will not try to gloss over their products, they will simply give you the facts.

Look for a Guarantee
If a company offers money back, no questions asked guarantee then it means they are confident that their product works. It’s not a good idea to buy a diet pill which doesn't provide a money back guarantee.

Find Reviews
Finding reviews on the internet from real customers is simply the best way to determine whether a diet pill works. There are many websites which publish customer feedback. Remember a diet pill company will only ever publish positive testimonials on their website so it is important to research a variety of sources before pulling out your credit card.

One of the great ways to find reviews, about which weight loss pill or diet works is to hit the online forums or bulletin boards. An additional source could be chat rooms dedicated to talking about weight loss.

With a good common sense approach and a little work on your part, you can find a diet pill that works for you.  A great diet pill that I have personally used is the Acai Berry Select formula.

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Controversy: The truth about the Hoodia Gordonii Extract

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Can Real Hoodia Gordonii come in an extract form? The simple answer to this question is no, no they can’t.

And the reason for this is simple too.

You see, when companies wield the term ‘Hoodia extract’, all they are actually offering you is a sample of the product they are claiming to sell. In most cases just 60%.

The other 40% on the other hand can be anything from the leaves or flower of the Hoodia Gordonii plant; parts from other Hoodia plants (there are in fact 13 types of Hoodia plant, but only Hoodia Gordonii can offer users appetite suppression) and even caffeine.

So whilst said companies may claim to sell you genuine 100% Hoodia Gordonii extract, you would be lucky to actually get 60% of the real plant. The core where the active ingredient P57 is found.

It is incredible what lengths companies will go to to cut corners in the production of this weight loss capsule.

So check the label carefully before you consider investing.

Apart from the core of the Hoodia Gordonii plant, the only other ingredient you should ever find on the packaging is gelatib for its capsule.

Now we can see that you’re confused. You’re thinking - didn’t we just tell you that there should only be one ingredient in the capsule? Well this is not strictly true. Take the ones we have listed above. They are actually the ingredients used to build up the capsule itself.

They are okay to be there, as they do not affect the authenticity of the Hoodia Gordonii plant or its purity levels. Their only job is to make sure the powdered form of the plants core is more accessible for you to use.

Find anything else on the ingredient list or spot a quote that includes the phrase ‘extract’, and put it straight back. Don’t even look at it. All this information is actually telling you is that the product is not authentic and contains only 60% of real Hoodia Gordonii.

But the news surrounding this controversy gets worse.

According to research performed by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals, they found that over 80% of Hoodia Gordonii capsules are not authentic.

Now this not to say, that there are not genuine Hoodia Gordonii capsules out there who have got the backing, the clinical testing and the CITES certificate to prove their worth. It is just a question of looking around and making sure you check the ingredients label before you invest.

One example of a genuine hoodia product is UniqueHoodia.

In one compact package, customers can experience the satisfaction of knowing that they are receiving:

• 100% pure, unaltered Hoodia – not the extract form, but powdered capsules
• A 2,000 calorie reduction every day
• 10,000 times the strength of appetite suppression, compared to glucose

Order your packet of UniqueHoodia today.

Alli Weight Loss Pill – The Truth About The Alli Weight Loss Diet Pill

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Are you considering using the weight loss Alli pill to shed your extra pounds? Do you want to know if it really works? Sure you do, but you may not like everything you read or hear about it. However, like any other weight loss pill it has it advantages and disadvantages. This article will take a look at both sides of the equation.

Normally most people like you will take on a new diet plan or a pill without a 2nd thought. You liked the way all the before and after pictures looked on the TV commercials. People that weren't thin and sexy now look thin and sexy after being on the diet. Yeah, that's for you, right?

However, with any special diet or diet pill, you need to consult your doctor. It's very important for you and your doctor to know you are fundamentally healthy enough to go on a diet regardless of the type of diet you’re planning. In addition your doctor can monitor your progress and tell if you began to develop any health issues while being on the diet. It's always better to be safe and than sorry.

How does the Alli Pill work?

Basically it works as a fat blocker. This means it will stop your body from absorbing the fat from the foods you eat. Many people think that just because it blocks the fat they can pig out on fatty foods. Don't you believe it; it doesn't work that way.

Alli should always be used along with a diet plan that is low fat. When doing so your vegetable and fruit intake should increase to ensure your body receives the necessary vitamins and nutrition. One of the drawbacks to using weight loss Alli pill is the reduction in the amount of protein your body would normally absorb.

As you know you draw energy from protein. Therefore, if your protein drops below a healthy level, you may experience a sense of tiredness, loss of mental sharpness and a general overall feeling of just not feeling well. If your veggie and fruit intake doesn't overcome those feelings, you may find your doctor will advise you to take supplements to bring your energy level back up.

Even though your energy level may be affected there is another major side effect that could be much more serious to your physical health. Alli can have a strong affect on your bowels and your digestive system as a whole. As with any drug it takes your body a little time to become accustomed to the foreign substance from the pill.

This is particularly true at the outset of taking Alli. Because it prevents the digestive system from absorbing the fat in your diet it passes directly to your bowels for elimination. Unfortunately this can occur quickly and at the most inopportune times. This possibility of the loose bowel movements is so great that the maker of Alli makes a very specific comment about it on their corporate web site.

They go so far as to warn you to be prepared for the onslaught of uncontrollable bowels by having a change of clothing with you and to wear dark colored pants. But you need to know that as your body becomes customized to the chemicals released by Alli, the loose bowel syndrome will decrease in severity and frequency. Also sticking with a low fat diet as mentioned above there is less chance for an accident occurring.

Ok you know about the disadvantages of the weight loss Alli pill. Now it's time for you to learn about the advantages of this remarkable pill. First Alli, which is the over the counter name that you can buy without a prescription, is the only weight loss drug with the Federal Drug Administration’s seal of approval for the claims of helping to lose weight.

As you may know people which are overweight have a propensity to being diagnosed with type two diabetes. In a recent study of the Alli drug, it was shown to help reduce the risk of developing this diabetic disease.

In addition the study also showed that when people took the weight loss Alli pill, in conjunction with a reduced calorie intake and exercise, they could expect to lose a greater amount of weight. The manufacture has stated that it is possible for you to lose up to fifty percent more weight when you combine the three.

Think about instead of losing say 20 lbs. you would be looking at losing thirty pounds. Now is that great or what!

You now have the good, bad and ugly about the weight loss Alli pill. If you really want to lose the weight, it's time for you to call your doctor and see if it's right for you.