ClearTouch Lite Acne Phototherapy System Advanced Acne Treatment Reviews

June 12, 2010 by  
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ClearTouch Lite Acne Phototherapy System Advanced Acne Treatment

  • No Need for Medication
  • Safe w/ No UV Rays and Highly Effective
  • Speeds Healing Process w/ No Inflammation
  • Uses Blue, Green & Red Light Therapy
  • Easy & Simple to Use, and Very Fast

Drastic breakthrough in acne phototherapy with ultimate safety and flexibility properties, ClearTouch Lite is the most advanced phototherapy system to treat acne! Sized down version of the devices professionals use, ClearTouch targets treatment areas and provides the same efficient and effective results of that of a more intense treatment system without the harshness or damaging side effects! Very simple and easy to use patients have raved of the outstanding results with little hassle involved! ClearTouch Lite removes the expensive doctor's visits by providing clinical results with an at-home product that requires no medication or harsh creams! Just simply use the blue and green light to stimulate the body's natural defense mechanisms again

Price: $ 675.00