Thera-Band Exercise Tubing – Latex – 25 Feet – Red – Light

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Thera-Band Exercise Tubing - Latex - 25 Feet - Red - Light

  • Thera-Band exercise tubing is low-cost, portable, and a versatile resistance product
  • Endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), recognized worldwide as the original System of Progressive Resistance
  • Can be used while traveling, sitting at home, or even in the office
  • 6 color-coded resistance levels determined by thickness
  • Available in dispenser boxes of 25 and 100 foot lengths

Thera-Band exercise tubing is ideal for building upper and lower body strength for rehabilitation and fitness. Whether building strength after surgery or improving athletic performance, this tubing can easily, and cost effectively, be incorporated into any program. The progressive resistance of this product parallels the basic concepts of building strength and mobility. Resistance can be increased as each level of a rehabilitation or strength program is mastered. The use of elastic resistance rather than weight-bearing exercises minimizes pressure on the joints and decreases the possibility of incurring other injuries.

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Price: $ 13.49

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