Can You Lose 10 lbs a Week?

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If you want to lose 10 lbs a week, it will take more than finding the right diet plan. That's the mistake many dieters make. They change their eating habits and seem to be doing everything right, but they don't lose weight. If they do manage to lose weight, it comes back soon afterwards.

Whether you want to lose 10 lbs once or until you reach a certain weight, a proper weight loss plan must include eating the right foods and getting sufficient exercise and sleep.

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Sleep is one aspect of losing weight that isn't often talked about, but it is as important as exercise. Researchers have discovered that two hormones that trigger appetite come into play if we don't get enough sleep. This causes us to overeat and gain weight because our desire for high carbohydrates and rich foods increases.

Next time you crave these foods, see whether you've been getting enough sleep.

Another key to lose 10 lbs a week is to eliminate sugar and starch from your diet. They are the first and easy sources of energy that your body uses, which leaves the other food you eat to turn to fat. Any sugar that isn't used turns to fat.

Believe it or not, deep breathing exercises can also help you to lose weight. Deep breathing 15 minutes a day will boost the oxygen flow into your body and promote weight loss.

To lose 10 lbs in a week, you'll want to incorporate all the natural weight loss methods available to you. You might find pills or fad diets that can get you there, but in most cases, it's not a permanent weight loss. The pounds will come back and your efforts will have been pointless.

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The most obvious way to lose 10 lbs in a week is to get rid of the excess water in your system and eat healthful, fat-free foods. Stay away from junk food, high carbohydrates and sugar.

With a good diet plan, you will see results quickly. The first to go is the water that your body has retained. This quick weight loss can be encouraging, but it is not fat loss. That comes next.

Incorporate sufficient exercise into your weight loss plan. Simply eating right won't cause you to lose 10 lbs in a week. It takes a combination of exercise, deep breathing exercises, good nutrition, and restful sleep.

Take each of these and apply whatever measures are necessary to get them into balance. If sleep is a problem, try to eliminate stress from your life. One way to do this is with exercise, which will also help you to meet your 10 lbs loss.

With a good plan, you can lose weight through water loss and energy consumption. Expect to lose little in the first few days, but an average of about 1-2 pounds per day thereafter.

If you've struggled to get to your desired weight, know that with the right plan applied consistently, you can lose 10 lbs in a week.

Lose 10 lbs with Weight Loss Pills

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Drop 10 Pounds by Making Lifestyle Changes

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So you want to lose some weight. Almost all of us have felt this way at some time or another. Maybe it's some holiday weight you want to work off, or maybe you've just decided that you would feel and look better with a little less bulk. Whatever the reason, losing weight can sometimes be difficult. It's often the case that you find yourself dealing with a very restrictive diet that is difficult to stick to, or other inconveniences. You can avoid much of this, however, by making some lifestyle changes that incorporate more healthy activities into your daily routine.

Although everyone will likely be tempted to drop 10 pounds as quickly as possible, unless you feel for some reason that this is absolutely necessary, it's better to take a long term approach. If you want to drop 10 pounds quickly, it's likely that you're going to have to make a restrictive and drastic diet change that will be hard to implement. This also means there's a good chance you will simply put the weight back on when you diet is over, or when you (inevitably) lapse from it.

Drop 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Drop 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks

A far better long term solution is making some lifestyle changes. Not only will this be an easier way to lose 10 pounds, but those 10 pounds will stay lost. The reason that lifestyle changes are an effective way to lose weight is that you don't have to alter your daily routine too much. Many people find the exercise regimens and diet changes involved in quick weight loss unrealistic - you never have enough hours in the day as it is, so it's hard to make more for exercise.

The best place to start in your attempt to dropping 10 pounds is to look at things you do every day. First and foremost for most people is going to work. Many people live close enough to their employers to bike, but choose instead to drive. By biking to work you will not only be getting exercise and working towards your goal of losing 10 pounds, you will be saving money and doing a good thing for the environment. Try and think of other small changes in a similar vein: take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk on your lunch break instead of sitting at your desk. Although these chances may seem small and suspiciously convenient, they will go along way towards losing weight.

The other more pro-active way to lose 10 pounds through a lifestyle change is to engage in more athletic activities. Take up a sport, or go hiking on weekends. The beauty of this is that these things are entirely recreational: you're having fun at the same time that you're losing weight. It's much easier and more enjoyable to commit to going on a hike every weekend or playing tennis with a friend than it is to sit alone in gym: after all, there's a reason they call it "work"ing out.

Lifestyle changes go a long way towards losing weight, and anyone who incorporates some of the changes listed above should find themselves able to lose 10 pounds.

Learn how you can also drop 10 pounds fast by using the calorie shifting diet.

Learn more on how to drop 10 lbs fast

Learn more on how to drop 10 lbs fast

Want to Drop 10 Lbs in One Week? Do This and Start Losing Weight!

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Want to Drop 10 Lbs in One Week? Do This and Start Losing Weight!
By Sean Frye

Dropping a lot of weight such as 10 pounds in 1 week is usually frowned upon by a lot of fitness and nutrition experts. It is definitely possible, but should only be done if you are trying to look good for upcoming event or outing.

If you are going to drop 10 lbs in a really short period of time, you need to understand that a good percentage of this will be water weight lost. This water weight will come back, but you will have been able to fit into that dress or swimsuit or whatever it was that you were needing to lose 10 pounds for.

Best Way to Drop 10 lbs

The best way to drop 10 lbs in a single week is by using a colon cleanse or detoxification type diet. These types of diets usually have you fasting for a certain amount of days and only drinking some type of juice or lemonade. One diet, called the Master Cleanse Secrets will give you tips on what foods you could eat while on the fast without affecting the cleansing effect or the weight loss generated from the diet. Cleansing type diets will help you detox and cleanse your body all the while creating the weight loss you desired in a very short period of time. So, losing 10 pounds is definitely possible in a single week.

Cleansing Diets Not For You?

If cleansing diets are not for you, then eating healthier and dropping sodas and coffee altogether from your everyday diet will certainly get you to start losing weight. This weight loss is generally a lot slower, but it is possible to get to your weight loss goal this way. Also eating four or five times per day as opposed to only eating two or three times per day will also help you lose weight fast. By eating more often, you end up eating less calories per meal. After every meal is also when your body's metabolism kicks in and start burning calories. By eating smaller portions more often, your metabolism will be constantly burning calories which in turn creates the weight loss.

To Learn More About How You Can Start Losing 10 Pounds This Week, visit: Drop 10 Pounds with Master Cleanse.

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Weight Loss Tips So That You Can Lose 10 Pounds

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Although some people find themselves dealing with more serious weight problems, most people who want to lose a little weight are relatively healthy. If you want to lose 10 pounds, there's a good chance that those pounds were gained very slowly of the course of many months - the weight doesn't represent a problem as much as a few times during the past year where you overindulged (usually the holidays) and failed to make up for it. Here are some tips to lose those 10 pounds:

Pick Your Time
Weight loss involves very personal issues for most people, and is closely related to their self esteem. It is crucial that you attempt to lose 10 pounds at the appropriate time - at a time where you otherwise feel good and satisfied with your life. If you try and lose 10 pounds during a period of time in your life where you have a lot of stress or other distracting things going on, you drastically increase your chances of failure, which will only make things worse.

Change Your Diet
Try as much as possible to balance your diet. This doesn't mean that you have to starve yourself -- rather make a point of getting no more the 30% of your calories from fat. Eat more fruits and vegetables and try to add as much variety to your diet as possible. Try new things, and new meal ideas.

Keep Track Of Your Progress
The problem with dieting for many people, especially in the early stages, is that even if the diet is working they can't see any results. It's hard to really notice if you lose 1 pound. For this reason it's important that your track your progress, so you can have a good sense of the accomplishments you've made. By calculating how many calories you've eaten and how much you've burned through exercise each and every day, you can track how many calories (and ultimately how much weight) you are losing.

Do It With Friends
A great and fun way to help you stick with your plan is to undertake your project of losing 10 pounds with a friend. Not only will you be able to provide support for each other and track each other's progress, but you'll be able to engage in fun exercise activities together.

Make Your Plan Realistic
It's important that you set achievable goals for yourself. For example, with just some basic changes in your lifestyle and eating habits, you can lose 1 pound a week. There's no need to be in a huge rush to lose weight, and trying to lose weight quickly often requires a regimen that is difficult to keep up. For most people, it is healthier to lose weight slowly than with drastic dietary changes.

Many people would like to lose 10 pounds, and almost anyone can if they follow the advice above. By avoiding a "quick fix" and sticking with long term healthy choices, you'll find your project to lose 10 pounds will leave you not only thinner, but healthier and feeling better about yourself. You may also consider using the new calorie shifting diet that is sweeping the nation ( in conjunction with these tips to lose even more weight.

Get Up Early in the Morning to Lose 10 Pounds

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Weight gain can be a very slow process. For most people, it is a matter of one pound here, one pound there, and the next thing you know you're 10 pounds heavier. This is why almost everyone, at one point or another, will want to lose 10 pounds. To lose 10 pounds is very realistic for almost everyone, and is achievable though some small changes in diet and by exercising more. The vast majority of people, with their busy schedules, get little or no exercise, so even a small bit of regular exercise should be able to achieve noticeable results. If we don't have time to exercise a great deal, though, we're going to want to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise we do get, and a great way to do that is by exercising in the morning.

There are two main reasons why you can more easily lose 10 pounds by exercising in the morning. The first has to do with the fact that it is much easier to build into your daily routine. One of the keys to losing weight by exercise is to do it regularly, which many people find difficult: it's always hard to find time. So a great reason for exercising in the morning is that you'll have very little distraction. In many ways, you are literally "making time" for the exercise by starting your day earlier.

Now, in terms of your goal to lose 10 pounds, morning exercise will be more effective because you will be burning calories from fat already in your system. This principle is based, of course, on the idea that you don't eat before you exercise. The way you're going to lose 10 pounds is by burning fat, and when you exercise your body normally burns both fat and carbohydrates. Now it gets a little more complicated: your body's main and preferred energy source is carbohydrates, so when you exercise you will (more or less) burn carbohydrates first, and then your body will dip into its fat reserves.

Carbohydrates come from your meals, so when you exercise at a normal time of the day your body will have plenty of carbohydrates to burn. In trying to lose 10 pounds, however, you're hoping to burn fat. If you exercise in the morning on an empty stomach, you're burning energy at a time when your body's carbohydrate levels are the lowest, and therefore more fat will be burned with the same amount of exercise. There have been studies that suggest over 250% more fat is burned when you exercise in this state.

There is never any immediate way to lose 10 pounds - ultimately, losing weight requires smart dietary decisions and a well thought out routine of exercise. By exercising in the morning, however, you will be giving yourself a distinct advantage in that battle to lose 10 pounds - you will be privy to not only a physiological advantage, but also the practical one of conducting your exercise at the beginning of the day without distraction.

You may also want to try a calorie shifting diet in conjunction with some light exercise. The Calorie Shifting Theory diet found at states that you can lose 9 pounds in 11 days. If you used this in diet in conjunction with some light exercise, you may lose the weight you want to lose very quickly.