225 LEDs Anti-Aging Red LED Light Therapy Bulb for Fine Lines & Wrinkles 660nm 660 nm Anti-Aging Phototherapy

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225 LEDs Anti-Aging Red LED Light Therapy Bulb for Fine Lines & Wrinkles 660nm 660 nm Anti-Aging Phototherapy

  • Natural anti-aging regime increases collagen to fill in fine lines & wrinkles
  • 225 Super bright therapeutic Red LED lights - 660 nm wavelength
  • No harmful UV rays. Safer & less expensive than fluorescent lamps plus a longer life.
  • Bulb ONLY. Fits into any standard 110v-120v fixture (US & Canada)
  • Fine lines and wrinkles start to diminish within 30 days or less. FREE Peeper eye goggles.

Less costly than other anti-aging treatments, creams or procedures and is totally natural. It uses your own body to heal. The red LED increases the collagen which fills in the fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet that start to occur as we age. Light therapy is an established practice in the medical, dental & sports medicine field in healing people non-invasively. Light therapy is safe for people of all ages from newborns with jaundice, to treat depression and increase the recovery time of injuries. The red light has a peak wavelength 660nm out of UV range. The benefits are:

Easy & pain free only 15 minute sessions daily:

Safe and generates no harsh heat or harmful UV rays:

Comfortable home use with your own lamp or our recommendation is

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ClearTouch Lite Acne Phototherapy System Advanced Acne Treatment Reviews

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ClearTouch Lite Acne Phototherapy System Advanced Acne Treatment

  • No Need for Medication
  • Safe w/ No UV Rays and Highly Effective
  • Speeds Healing Process w/ No Inflammation
  • Uses Blue, Green & Red Light Therapy
  • Easy & Simple to Use, and Very Fast

Drastic breakthrough in acne phototherapy with ultimate safety and flexibility properties, ClearTouch Lite is the most advanced phototherapy system to treat acne! Sized down version of the devices professionals use, ClearTouch targets treatment areas and provides the same efficient and effective results of that of a more intense treatment system without the harshness or damaging side effects! Very simple and easy to use patients have raved of the outstanding results with little hassle involved! ClearTouch Lite removes the expensive doctor's visits by providing clinical results with an at-home product that requires no medication or harsh creams! Just simply use the blue and green light to stimulate the body's natural defense mechanisms again

Price: $ 675.00

Red & Blue LED Light Therapy for Face & Neck – Anti-Aging Phototherapy 225 LEDs

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Red & Blue LED Light Therapy for Face & Neck - Anti-Aging Phototherapy 225 LEDs

  • What you can expect to see and feel in 30 days or less: Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, normal skin verses dry skin.
  • Also, reduced number of blemishes, age spots diminishing,reduction in redness and uneven skin tones and beling refreshed and energetic.
  • Benefits: Portable and light, wide angle for face and neck, or any other part of the body including hands.
  • Generates no heat or harmful UV rays, safe - using your body's natural process to heal, short 15 minute therapy sessions
  • Comfortable home use, non-invasive and pain free, the best value in the market place.

Within 30 days you will see improvement in your skin or your money will be refunded 100%.

Studies have shown light therapy can assist in repairing some forms of DNA. In the medical field light therapy used to heal and treat patients of all ages.

The Red & Blue LED Light Therapy unit consists of 165 red LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and 60 blue LEDs for a total of 225 super bright LEDs. The red light consist of 650nm (nanometer) wave lengths that heals and makes your skin look younger by encouraging the production of natural collagen (this helps the skin to repair itself). The blue light repair damaged skin and minimizes blemishes. The blue light has 470nm wave length this is recommended over the 415nm that improves acne. The 470nm is a l

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EVIS MD Platinum Light Therapy System, Red

  • 3 Minute Instant Lift and Facial Contouring to Targeted Areas with Long Term Benefits
  • Improves the Appearance of Sun-Damaged Skin for a Radiant, Even- Toned, Smooth Complexion
  • Increases Collagen and Elastin Production to Help Enhance Skin Firmness and Erase the Appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Reduces Dark, Under-Eye Circles
  • Safe for All Skin Types and Ethnicities

NASA developed Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is used in doctors� offices to address the appearance of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, crow�s feet and hyperpigmentation while enhancing overall elasticity by penetrating deep into the skin. The energy delivered enhances cellular metabolism, accelerates the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin � the foundation of flawless, even-toned and youthful skin. LED therapy triggers the natural healing process of the skin, making repairs to environmental insults. EVIS MD PLATINUM RED emits the appropriate wavelength at optimal power intensity to deliver medical grade performance. With consistent use, you will begin to see a

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