The Secret To Safe Weight Loss

January 14, 2011 by  
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The Secret To Safe Weight Loss

The Secret To Safe Weight Loss

Weight Loss Prayer and topics on Weight Loss Motivation Quotes or Velocity Diet Supplements

Being hypnotized is a method of being able to bring out thoughts in the subconscious mind. While the concept is one many people like they are nervous about actually taking part in it. They don't want to be walking around in a daze or acting strange when someone says certain phrases.

Loosing weight does not get any easier than this. Are you tired of all the weight loss options that just don't work?

Click here now to see what worked for me >> Natural weight loss that is proven to work >>

Face it one of the fastest ways to lose weight is with a time tested and proven weight loss program or plan. But you don't want to do a reckless or dangerous program just to quickly lose weight. I bet you want fast and long lasting weight loss.

Hypnosis weight loss programs are becoming increasingly popular. If you've been struggling to lose weight through more traditional means you might be considering going into the alternative prospects as such. Some people jump straight into hypnosis weight loss programs because they view it as an easy solution to eating less and exercising more.

Obesity can lead to serious health disorders. If you are overweight it is important to begin a fat loss program as soon as possible. But there are so many advertised it is very difficult to make the correct choice and select a fat loss program that is really going to work for you.

One thing rarely mentioned in all kind of diets is the weight loss plateau the body's adaptation that can stop a weight loss diet to give results. The human body is curiously marvelous he is able to adapt itself to whatever changes come from outside like starvation or eating habits.

The weight loss pills online claiming amazing results and guarantees of weight loss success. But prescription pills need doctor's approval for use and weight loss dietary supplements aren't strictly regulated and usually don't suffer clinical studies. Still there are many high-quality natural weight loss solutions that really help people lose weight. We show how to choose credible weight loss supplements online.

When you are serious about getting the weight off you need a fast weight loss diet plan that gets the job done. The challenge with fast weight loss is that there are so many recommendation that you get information overload. This article cuts through all the fluff and gets down to what truly makes up a fast weight loss diet plan.

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Is Sweet to Svelte a scam or does it really work? Would it work for someone that has had weight-loss surgery?
I am hypothyroidism an on thyroxine 100 mgs but am struggling to loose weight. I would be happy with a 7lb weight loss. Time is really hard as I have a 4 year old & attend college. Ps help
75 lbs weight loss in 6 months, fever, sweats, flushed skin, 4 weeks removed gall bladder and portion of liver, now having swelling of joints with fluid. What could be wrong?

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SPL-600 Professional Laser Light Hair Removal, Safe & Effective! Reviews

November 7, 2010 by  
Filed under Hair Removal

SPL-600 Professional Laser Light Hair Removal, Safe & Effective!

  • More than 3 times stronger than the SPL-300 Economy unit.
  • Capable of performing tattoo removal on dark inks.
  • Capable of performing general dermatology.
  • Age spot reduction, wrinkle removal, laser resurfacing.

The SPL-600 produces a highly effective 600W (180jcm2/second of energy density at 410-800nm) with a pulse duration of 0.1 seconds. Pulse frequency is user-adjustable from 1-7 emissions per second and, unlike the SPL-Economy unit, there are three settings for treatment length (0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 seconds).
Because of the adjustable treatment length it has the ability to treat much more aggressively than the SPL-300 Economy unit. This means the technician can effectively administer treatment to deeply rooted hairs as well as hair which may be lacking in pigment. The SPL-600 is also capable of performing tattoo removal on dark inks.

Price: $ 1,899.95

DM4000 is an 808 nanometer (nm) wavelength diode laser hair remover designed … clinics worldwide for permanent hair removal. making it safe for in-home use

November 5, 2010 by  
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DM4000 is an 808 nanometer (nm) wavelength diode laser hair remover designed ... clinics worldwide for permanent hair removal. making it safe for in-home use

  • professional results at home
  • powerful
  • affordable
  • easy to use
  • permanent hair removal and more

Long Pulse Diode Laser Hair Removal Kit

The DM4000 is a very powerful long pulse diode laser epilator and is very easy to operate. There are many home use laser epilators which have recently become available but none of which can compare with this system. A full 2000mW at 808nm makes it more than 8 times as powerful as the nearest competitor.

The laser diode is rated for an impressive 5000 hours of continuous use (about 3-5 years), so you know it will last.

Laser output is delivered by a convenient thumb switch on the comfortable stainless steel module. The emission zone treatment area is a highly precise pinpoint beam, which is perfect for hair-by-hair epilation.

Price: $ 349.95

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Safe and Quick Weight Loss Tips

September 26, 2010 by  
Filed under Weight Loss

Safe and Quick Weight Loss Tips

Dieting is no fun, and many of us, once we make the decision to peel off a few pounds, want to lose the weight as quickly as possible. But is quick weight loss safe? For years we have heard the warnings, that weight loss of one to two pounds each week is the safe limit. Is this true? Using some proven weight loss tips it may be possible to enjoy quick weight loss without any negative side effects. It should go without saying that these tips assume that you are generally healthy. If you have any health concerns, it is best to discuss your weight loss plan with someone who knows your medical history.

Quick weight loss tips:

1.    Understand the importance of exercise.  One of the reasons that safe weight loss is capped at two pounds a week is to prevent someone from severely restricting their diet. By adding exercise every day, you can eat more and still lose weight.

2.    If you are serious about quick weight loss, do not drink your calories. Soft drinks, sweetened teas and flavored coffees do not fill up the stomach in the same way that real food does, and it is unlikely that you will compensate for the added calories by cutting back on food.

3.    Use a variety of weight loss tips. While some people have weight loss success using one plan, many others find that taking some ideas from one plan, and some ideas from another, essentially developing a plan that fits into their life, makes weight loss easier and faster.

4.    For quick weight loss, consider substituting one or two meals each day with a protein shake. This almost automatically makes your diet a low carbohydrate one, which is very effective for quick results, and the protein helps you to feel full.

5.    Understand that you may not be a person that can graze all day. Some people find that three meals and two snacks make them hungrier and less satisfied than a strict three meal a day program.

6.    Replace eating with physical activity. Too often, we try to distract our hunger away    by reading, watching television or getting on the computer. For quick weight loss, take a walk, do some pushups, or walk up and down a set of stairs for ten minutes every time you feel the urge to snack.

So how much weight is it possible to lose using these weight loss tips? It depends on the person. The more you have to lose, the quicker the pounds will come off. Also, if you have been exercising or dieting it is not likely that you will experience as dramatic results as those who are new to a dieting program.

Many people with thirty or more pounds to lose -- may find that the first few weeks of dieting leads to a five pound or more loss. Using these quick weight loss tips you can maximize the odds that you will experience quick and lasting results.

Emeka Ezidiegwu is a Webmaster, Author, and Internet marketer. If you're informed by this article, please visit us at Online Medicine Info; for this and more related articles like: lose weight or appetite suppressant plus much more.

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Weight Loss Pills ? How to Gain and be Safe

June 26, 2010 by  
Filed under Weight Loss

Weight Loss Pills ? How to Gain and be Safe

Weight loss pills have become popular in the past several years. There are two basic types of diet pills or weight loss pills - ‘prescription’ and ‘non-prescription’ pills.
Prescription Pills :

Prescription weight loss pills are treated like drugs. They require FDA approval and are closely regulated. Some examples of this type of weight loss pills are Xenical (Orlistat), Meridia (Sibutramine) and Phentermine/ Fentermine. To prove their effectiveness in weight reduction, these pills are subjected to a range of clinical tests typically for monitoring health risks and side effects.
Non Prescription Pills

The Non-prescription weight loss pills are also called as weight loss supplements. These drugs can be purchased over the counter as they are subjected to minimal FDA regulation only. Some examples of this type of weight loss pills include pills from Metabolife™ and Herbalife™ as well as fat-burners, herbal weight loss pills, stackers, other sports or diet supplements.

The difference between prescription and non-prescription weight loss pills is becoming narrower. Since some types of non-prescription pills can be just as powerful or dangerous as weight loss drugs. Exception is that these types of weight loss supplements are not regulated similar to prescription weight loss pills. Hence they can be more dangerous if anything. The FDA has issued warnings recently about weight loss supplements that contain ephedra. Hence, many drug manufacturers are now declaring as ‘ephedra-free’ by removing ephedra from their weight loss pills.
Who can benefit from Weight Loss Pills?

Prescription weight loss pills are designed specifically for the treatment of obesity rather than mere weight loss. Despite health risks and side effects, the use of weight loss pills is justified, as obesity is a serious condition associated with serious health risks. Weight loss supplements or Non-prescription weight loss pills should be viewed in similar light.
Do these Weight Loss Pills work?

The answer is both Yes and No. With a proper exercise program and diet in conjunction with medical supervision, weight loss pills or weight loss supplements can be effective in the short term at least. However the benefits may quickly wear off as the body adjusts rather quickly to many weight loss pills.
Weight Loss Trials of Pills clinically:

Clinical weight loss trials demonstrate that by using weight loss pills alone, long term weight control is not possible. A combination of improved diet and physical activity is to be maintained in the long term to maintain weight loss successfully.
Consult your doctor before taking weight loss pills:

You should obtain information from your doctor about the possible dangers and side effects of weight loss pills before taking any weight loss pills.
Side Effects of taking weight loss pills:

Weight loss pills become less effective as time progresses like most drugs and can lead to addiction. If you feel any of the following side effects, taking the pills should be stopped immediately.


Anxiety or nervousness

High blood pressure


Heart palpitations and Heart attack

Tightness in the chest

Vomiting, constipation or constant stomach pain

Diarrhea, Fever and Head aches

Dry mouth


Profuse sweating

Blurred vision

Hair loss

Urinary tract problems

Disturbances in sex drive and menstrual cycle.

The long-term effects of these weight loss pills are not known and how they interact with other medications is also not clear.

Lesley Lyon regularly contributes informative articles on topics such as health, beauty and cosmetics to web guides and

Weight Loss Diet Why Nutritional Cleansing Gets Fast Safe Natural Weight Loss

June 8, 2010 by  
Filed under Weight Loss

Weight Loss Diet Why Nutritional Cleansing Gets Fast Safe Natural Weight Loss

Weight loss has become an obsession in a nation where 63% of the people are overweight and a startling 31% are obese. Clearly our modern lifestyle is not healthy. Many people are desperate to make a change and will try any \'magic-bullet\' weight loss cure that is offered - still the obesity rates climb. What are the reasons behind this trend? The stress of our lifestyles, toxicity in the environment, unhealthy processed food, improper nutrition habits, and lives spent in our cars, small offices and houses with little or no time in fresh air. Our lifestyles seem designed to make us fat.

People desperate for weight loss will try any diet, take any pill, and even resort to surgery to try and get their weight under control, but if they don\'t deal with the underlying issues that lead to obesity in the first place they are bound to regain the weight leading to an ever increasing waistline. There is no \'magic-bullet\' to take away obesity. In order to counter the effects of our unhealthy lifestyles it is necessary to deal with the underlying issues that are causing the obesity in the first place. We can learn from the lifestyles of ancient cultures where the diet is predominantly fruits, grains and vegetables and where fasting or nutritional cleansing is an accepted practice.

We are surrounded by more chemicals with higher levels of toxicity than ever before. These chemicals can build up in our body and compound the problems of improper nutrition leading to obesity. Nutritional cleansing is a great way to help our bodies deal with toxicity. By eating healthy meals, predominantly of vegetables and lean protein, and by taking regular cleanse days to flush the toxins from the system our bodies will re-set the natural balance and weight loss will automatically follow. Unlike fasting, nutritional cleansing is not simply a process of not eating. When you undertake nutritional cleansing you drink a specially prepared vitamin and mineral packed supplement that will help increase your energy, cleanse the toxins from your body and even help your skin and hair regain the gloss of health.

Simply by reprogramming your life to eat healthier food, drink plenty of water and cleanse the toxins from your body you will see results. Not only will you lose weight, but you will have more energy, feel healthier and best of all, have reduced cravings for those unhealthy foods. The best thing about nutritional cleansing is that you can achieve weight loss without going on a diet!

John Scevola is a published success and health author and SEO Director for one of the world's largest internet marketing companies. For more information about

weight loss diet: weight loss diet

weight loss diet: weight loss

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Weight Loss Diet Natural and Safe Weight Loss Tips

June 2, 2010 by  
Filed under Weight Loss

Weight Loss Diet Natural and Safe Weight Loss Tips

According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of health and healing, the Kapha Dosha (humour) is primarily responsible for fat and adipose tissue in the body and therefore reducing Kapaha is the key to a successful weight loss program. Below you will find some effective tips from ayurveda to help reduce Kapha Dosha and thus battle obesity and being overweight.

Of the four dimensions of our being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, in this article I will cover the Physical Dimension which is most important for the reduction of Kapha and the correlating reduction in weight.

Weight Loss Tips from Ayurveda:

1. Ayurvedic Diet for Weight Loss:

Obviously an anti-kapha diet is the place to start when looking to lose weight. This means eating lots of fruits, vegetables, spicy foods and whole grains.

2. Exercise for Weight Loss:

The following Ayurvedic guidelines should be followed for proper exercise with regard to weight loss:

* More Exercise the Better: Kapha\'s qualities of fixed, dull, heavy, soft and cold are all negated via exercise. In other words, the more exercise you do the more you reduce Kapha and therefore fat in your body.

* Exercise Without Excessive Strain: According to Ayurveda, Kapha individuals need the most vigorous exercise, but at the same time, the exercise should never be extreme. Find a good balance between doing too little and over doing it. Breaking a nice sweat is good, but being totally breathless is probably too much.

* Be Consistent: A Kapha body type has a propensity towards weight gain so you need to make exercise a daily part of you life. The hardest part will be to get the exercise program underway. Once this is done Kapha people tend to be very determined and steady, so they will be able to adhere to it long term. Getting started though is another matter for Kapha types and usually requires shock treatment. In the spirit of shock treatment, understand that by NOT exercising and NOT losing the weight you are putting your longevity and quality of life at risk. Enough said, start today!

* Yoga for Weight Loss: Yoga offers an excellent way to include holistic exercises into your fitness program. These exercises will not just help you lose weight, but will also help your overall health and well-being.

* Post Exercise Diet: After exercises do not drink cold liquids. This period is key as you are trying to increase the metabolic fire in your cells so they burn more calories and drinking cold liquids at this time will negate this important benefit which exercise bestows.

3. Hard Physical Work to Burn Calories:

According to Ayurveda reduction of Kapha is promoted by living a physical, active lifestyle. In today\'s age of technology, computers, TVs, TiVO, internet, etc, manual labor is getting more rare for people to do. So you need to consciously incorporate physical work into your life. Whether that be mowing the lawn, tending to the garden or shoveling snow, it is important to not live a sedentary live of watching TV and eating twinkies.

4. Massage Therapy to Reduce Fat:

There are many treatment modalities in Ayurveda of which massage is highly recommended. In the context of weight loss and reducing Kapha, strong massage with light oils such as mustard or flaxseed is helpful.

5. Sleep Guidelines for Weight Loss:

No napping or going to bed early. If you want to reduce Kapha and weight remember you burn more calories when you are awake and being active, than when you are happily snuggled under the blanket.

The above recommendations will surely help you with your weight loss goals and in addition to helping you get slim, they will also make you more healthy and fit.

Anmol Mehta is a modern Yoga master. His free website offers safe & natural weight loss solutions. Safe and Natural Weight Loss Solutions:

weight loss diet: weight loss diet

weight loss diet: weight loss pills

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