Change your Lifestyle to Quit Smoking

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One of the reasons that quitting smoking seems like such a daunting task, is that for many smokers it requires that the smoker makes some lifestyle changes. Smoking, unlike many other types of addiction, is both legal and in many cases socially acceptable, and for that reason quitting smoking requires a tremendous amount of willpower.

Unless you are one of the rare, lucky smokers who are able to quit with relative ease, it's not always a good idea to rely on your willpower alone. Putting too much faith in your willpower is going to place you in many situations where you're facing a lot of temptation, and if you give in to this temptation it will be hard to try to quit smoking again: once you lapse in your attempt to quit smoking it affects your self-esteem and ability to try again.

It is for these reasons that it's important you help yourself by making some lifestyle changes when you decide to quit smoking. Especially in the early stages of your attempt, you should avoid social situations that are going to present you with a lot of temptation - don't hang out in bars with other smokers, for example. It's also a good idea to try and become more active. Most smokers will notice that when they first try to quit they experience feelings of anxiety and restlessness, and becoming more active is a good way to deal with this.

The changes you should make to your lifestyle when you first quit smoking needn't be major ones. What you are trying to do is break some of the associations you have with smoking. For many people the most difficult aspect of the smoking addiction is the psychological one - the way in which you've incorporated smoking into various aspects of your life. If you've been smoking for a long time, it's likely that there are many situations in which you smoke without even thinking about it: when you're waiting for a bus, when you're coffee in the morning, etc.

By changing your lifestyle and beginning to do things that are new and different for you, you will be slowly building a list of activities that you don't associate with smoking: you will be gradually breaking the psychological addiction. In many ways, when you quit, you can begin to think of a new phase in your life - a "post-smoking" phase, and you can make the transition easier by creating a "post-smoking" lifestyle: one in which you exercise more, and socialize in different ways.

By changing your lifestyle you'll create a whole new set of associations that have nothing to do with smoking, and as a bonus you'll begin to feel a lot better. Exercising more will make you not only look better but feel better as well, and will provide you with some concrete merits to being smoke free.

No one wants to lose their friends, or completely change their lifestyle, and by no means does quitting smoking require this. Making a few small changes in your habits, however, will greatly increase your chances of success. Start changing that lifestyle today and quit smoking with the EasyQuit Stop Smoking System.

Why Should You Quit Smoking?

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Smoking is a highly additive habit, and most people who smoke find it very difficult to quit. The reason that it is so difficult to quit smoking is that the addiction is multifaceted: not only is there a physical addiction to the nicotine, but there is also a strong psychological component to the addiction as cigarettes are both legal and in many situations socially acceptable.

One of the greatest indicators as to weather your attempt to quit smoking will be successful is how mentally prepared you are. You have to truly want to quit in order to be successful, and if you try to quit without this mindset it is unlikely that it will work. A good way to motivate yourself - to get yourself to a point where you really and truly want to quit smoking - is to think of the health risks involved, and the many benefits of quitting.

The health risks associated with smoking are well known, but if you are trying to quit it is a good idea to revisit them. By smoking, you greatly increase your chances of lung cancer and heart disease. As well as the increased risk of a premature death, you will also, as a smoker, be plagued with breathing difficulties. Another thing you should consider is that as a smoker you are putting others at risk through second hand smoke. It is a well known fact that second hand smoke can be very detrimental to the health of your loved ones, especially over the long term.

Now, if you smoke there a good chance you're aware of these factors, and the knowledge can be fairly sobering. All is not lost, however, and in order to motive yourself to quit your should think about the immediate benefits involved if you stop. Almost instantly you'll notice that your sense of smell will improve. Smell plays a crucial role in the taste of food, and therefore your taste sensation will improve considerably, and you will find yourself enjoying food more.

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Also consider the money that you will save. Depending on where you live, cigarettes can be very expensive, and the general trend is that the price will continue to increase in the future. Even a fairly generous assumption of $5 a pack means that if you quit a pack a day habit you will save almost $2000 in the first year. A great technique to motive yourself when you first stop smoking is to put the money you would spend every day on cigarettes into a jar, where you can see it steadily accumulate: even after the first week you'll have $35 - enough to treat yourself to a nice meal.

By constantly reminding yourself of the benefits of quitting smoking you give yourself an important mental motivator: think of not only your own health benefits, but those of the people around you who suffer from second hand smoke. Add to this the amount of money you'll be saving, and it becomes hard to justify a smoking habit. Quitting smoking is a win-win situation, and thinking of it in this way will provide you with an important mental weapon in your attempt to quit.

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