Ultimate Applicator Review – What is the Ultimate Applicator?

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Ultimate Applicator

Ultimate Applicator Review - What is the Ultimate Applicator?

By Sean Frye

The Ultimate Applicator is a product by It Works Marketing. It is basically an at home body wrap that is supposed to help you to lose fat and inches in under 45 minutes. Having been in the day spa industry and having experience with cellulite machines and hi-tech body wraps, I was definitely skeptical that an at home product could work so well.

Ultimate Applicator- My Personal Review

I ordered a package of Ultimate Applicators just to try it and see what all the buzz was about. It took me a few days to actually try it, but I finally applied the applicator one night. I had my wife measure my stomach in 3 places as it says to do and wrote all the measurements down. Being as skeptical as I was, I didn't think it would work and after about an hour, I decided just to leave it on, go to sleep and then take it off in the morning.

The next morning I awoke and still had it on. I had been afraid that It would have slipped from it's position over my stomach in the middle of the night because I toss and turn a lot. My wife had done a good job of securing the Ultimate Applicator in place with the plastic wrap.

The moment of truth came when I took it off and called my wife in to do the measurements again. I had felt somewhat different and was anxious to see the measurements. In the top and bottom measurement, I had lost 2 1/2 inches and the middle measurement (direct center of my stomach), I had lost 3 inches. I couldn't believe it. Still skeptical, I thought it was just water weight that I had lost and that it would come back after eating breakfast, lunch and dinner that day. I had my wife measure again that night. The measurements were about 1/2 inch off each and I thought I had been right. The inches were coming back after going about a normal day. I did apply some of the "Defining Gel" that you are supposed to apply in between these Applicator treatments and went to bed.

The next morning, I wasn't as concerned about measurements as I had been the day prior. But my wife wanted to check. I was very surprised that in all 3 spots, I was a total of 3 inches less.

To conclude my own personal experience with the Ultimate Applicator, I used them once a week for a month and applied the "Defining Gel" in between as you are supposed to. The best inch loss measurement came after the 3rd Ultimate Applicator treatment where I had lost a cumulative 4 inches from my stomach. After 4 weeks of using it, I had average a loss of 3 inches total. At that point, I decided to stop using everything and wait a few weeks to see if I would gain any of those inches back. At about the third week, I started to slowing gain back those inches. At 5 weeks, I had gained back one full inch and at six weeks, I had gained back 1 and a half inch.

I wanted to do one more test. After six weeks of not using defining gel or the Ultimate Applicator, I was going to use another one. This time, I only left this Applicator on for the time that it says to leave it on: 45 minutes. All other times, I had left them on overnight. After measuring my stomach again, I was surprised to learn that I had lost close to 2 inches. Back to 3 1/2 inches off of where I originally started.

I have since become a distributor of the Ultimate Applicators and have received great response from my neighbors and website customers. One of my neighbors tried the applicator as I had, overnight, and she lost a total of 4 1/2 inches from her tummy. I a no longer a skeptic and recommend this product to anyone who is looking to lose several inches from their stomach, thighs, chin, or arms.

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