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  • Frees both men and women from the painful and costly process of waxing, electrolysis, sugaring or laser
  • Progressively and naturally STOPS unwanted hair growth, through enzyme technology
  • Thick coarse hair becomes softer, smaller and finer

It's the result of years of biological research and development. It is a topical solution that is made from an amazing mixture of exotic plant enzymes. Very unique enzymes in very precise quantities.

Once applied, it saturates the base of the hair follicle and begins the unique process of stopping hair growth. Ultra Hair Away is so easy to use. Just spray, and it goes to work! It's 100% organic, so it's completely safe and painless.

Clinical studies have conclusively proven Ultra Hair Away is effective in slowing down, and inhibiting hair growth. The results were also conclusive for gentleness to skin. The test showed Ultra Hair Away to be fast, effective and safe for all areas of the face and body.

Using Ultra Hair Away according to

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Price: $ 75.41

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SPRI Ultra Toner Light Resistance (Green)

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SPRI Ultra Toner Light Resistance (Green)

  • Single arm and double arm exercises for total Upper body conditioning
  • Light Resistance
  • Beginner/Moderately Fit Level

Get lean and strong with the most effective single arm and double arm exercises for total upper body conditioning. The patented Ultra Toner offers resistance levels to give you the results you're looking for. The Green Ultratoner is for your Beginner to Moderately Fit user

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Price: $ 9.99

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Clearasil Ultra Acne Solution System

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Clearasil Ultra Acne Solution System

  • Step 1: StayClear Daily Face Wash - exfoliates & deep cleans to help clear & prevent acne breakouts
  • Step 2: StayClear Daily Toner - revitalizes skin, leaving it soothed & refreshed
  • Step 3: StayClear Daily Lotion - shine control moisturizing formula hydrates skin
  • PLUS: Rapid Action Treatment Cream - visibly reduces redness & size in as little as 4 hours

Now Featuring Rapid Action™ Treatment Cream - Visibly reduces redness and spot siz

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Price: $ 9.90